Out now: An Integrated Learning Approach by Ed Weenk MSc, PDeng

The Integrated Learning Approach, aka Ed’s principles, seeks to provide a complete and coherent, yet practical framework to support the learner’s journey. This concept is built on the foundation of Kolb’s learning cycle of experiential learning and other related learning styles. It aims to directly link theoretical knowledge to development of skills through active participation in learning. With this approach, you will reach the highest learning effect.

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Virtual Exchange Program 2021 - Making internationalization at home possible!

While many students are returning to campuses and will resume traveling for their international exchanges this academic year, the Virtual Exchange Program remains an attractive and relevant learning experience. It promotes inclusiveness and decreases the barriers for students to strengthen their intercultural skills and grow their international network. Continue reading this article to learn more about the added value of this program, the third edition, how to join, and more.

Award-winning course with the world’s leading Supply Chain business game, The Fresh Connection!

How great is it when universities award educators for their outstanding achievements? The University of Vienna gives out awards every year to honor innovative and outstanding courses. This year the award went to one of Biljana Roljic’s courses called “Business Games for Production Management” which incorporated gamification with supply chain business game, The Fresh Connection! In this article, you can read more about the UNIVIE Teaching award, Biljana’s course design, and the advantages of experiential learning and an integrated learning approach.

The First Edition of Circular Strategy into Action was a success!

This four-week course provided students with a great blend of real-life skills, engaged learning and real-world experiences through a circular business game, The Blue Connection. This business simulation game leverages the concept of circular economy, a fundamental pillar for us, at Inchainge. We were thrilled to have such an international group from the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Cuba, Germany, Russia, United States, United Kingdom and Vietnam. The level of the competition was very high, making it a great learning experience for all seven teams of students!

The winners of the Global Educator Challenge 2021 spring edition

For the first time after five years, Inchainge organized the Global Educator Challenge 2021 for certified teachers of The Fresh connection from all around the globe. In teams of four, participants had the chance to compete against each other for the champion title. Held at the same time as the  Global Pro Challenge, the Global Educator Challenge started on Monday, April 19th and lasted 6 weeks. Every 2 weeks a new round of the business game was played, which made a total of 3 rounds game-play. Last week, the last round was played, meaning we can finally announce the winners!

The World Champions of the Global Student Challenge 2021

The Global Final of the Global Student Challenge took place fully online for the first time ever on May 2nd till May 8th, 2021. This was the biggest Global Final ever with 48 participating teams from 33 different universities and 17 countries battling against each other for the Champion title and EUR 10,000 in cash prizes! And the winners are…

Inchainge Connect Educator Conference 2021

The Inchainge Connect Educator Conference took place for the first time as an exclusive global event on April 14th. The theme was The Evolution of Integrated Learning – Reshaping Value Chain Education’. It was such a great experience! We welcomed a total of 300+ participants and speakers in our online platform, Scoocs. It’s an online events platform where you can easily create and manage engaging and immersive online event experiences.

The Global Final Week 2021

The Global Final is taking place on our online event platform, Scoocs, on May 2nd till May 8th, 2021. It’s a week where all qualified teams battle against each other for the Champion title and EUR 10,000 in cash prizes! This will be an intense competition among the top value chain students around the world!

GQR 3 - Global Finalists of the Global Student Challenge 2021

The results of Global Qualification Round 3 (GQR 3) of The Global Student Challenge are in!

The third and last Global Qualification Round of the Global Student Challenge was held from March15 until April 12, 2021. During this online event teams from universities from across the globe competed against each other by playing three rounds of The Fresh Connection.

GQR 2 - Global Finalists of the Global Student Challenge 2021

The second out of three Global Qualification Rounds of The Global Student Challenge has come to an end.

The top 30% of the teams have qualified for the Global Final 2021. The Global Qualification Round 3 will kick off in March 2021.

Read the full update for a list of the top finalists!

Mastering the Circular Economy – A book integrated with The Blue Connection in the making!

This spring the new book MASTERING THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY – A Practical Approach to the Circular Business Model Transformation will be published. In this book, Rozanne Henzen and Ed Weenk bring the integrated learning experience of playing The Blue Connection and the theory on Circular Economy to a higher level.

The First Virtual Exchange Program in 3D was a success!

Windesheim University of applied sciences teamed up with six European universities to host a Virtual Exchange Program in a 3D environment. This 7-week program was centered around the world’s first circular business simulation game, The Blue Connection. Read all about this international Virtual Exchange experience.

Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge 2021: Developing Value Chain Leaders

VILAS – the only Vietnam partner of Inchainge to organize the National Championship of the “Global Student Challenge”. With over 200 students and 30 teams, VSCC 2021 is a great playground for finding the next generation of supply chain management. In addition, VSCC gives students a practical experience of the Supply Chain in business compared to the academic world at universities.

GQR 1 - Global Finalists of the Global Student Challenge 2021

The first out of three Global Qualification Rounds of The Global Student Challenge has come to an end. The top 10 teams have qualified for the Global Final 2021. The Global Qualification Round 2 will kick off between January 25 to February 12. Read the full update for a list of the top finalists!

Insights into what's new for The Blue Connection!

The New Release of The Blue Connection is here! It consists of new features like Return on Material KPI, Vendor Lease Loan option, and more. With the re-designed interface, you can immerse yourself in facing the challenges and opportunities of going circular. You can read all about what’s new in The Blue Connection in this article.

The Cool Connection: New release!

Experience now The Cool Connection focused on Working Capital Management. Bridge the Physical and Financial Value Chain by immersing yourself in our new and improved user interface. Or take it to the next level with the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) variant by implementing a powerful planning process”.

The Blue Connection is part of the world’s 39 most inspirational circular economy solutions!

Sitra collaborates with partners from different sectors to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future. To support the transition to a circular economy, Sitra has compiled a list of inspirational circular solutions from all around the globe. The Blue Connection was chosen to be one of the 39 circular economy solutions to inspire the world!