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Join our webinar where we discuss our Free Multimedia Online Teaching Case: Transitioning from Linear to Circular. Dive into the online business game ‘The Blue Connection’ together with your students for a case study on introducing circularity into supply chains.

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Mastering the Circular Economy – A book integrated with The Blue Connection in the making!

This spring the new book MASTERING THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY – A Practical Approach to the Circular Business Model Transformation will be published. In this book, Rozanne Henzen and Ed Weenk bring the integrated learning experience of playing The Blue Connection and the theory on Circular Economy to a higher level.

The First Virtual Exchange Program in 3D was a success!

Windesheim University of applied sciences teamed up with six European universities to host a Virtual Exchange Program in a 3D environment. This 7-week program was centered around the world’s first circular business simulation game, The Blue Connection. Read all about this international Virtual Exchange experience.

Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge 2021: Developing Value Chain Leaders

VILAS – the only Vietnam partner of Inchainge to organize the National Championship of the “Global Student Challenge”. With over 200 students and 30 teams, VSCC 2021 is a great playground for finding the next generation of supply chain management. In addition, VSCC gives students a practical experience of the Supply Chain in business compared to the academic world at universities.

GQR 1 - Global Finalists of the Global Student Challenge 2021

The first out of three Global Qualification Rounds of The Global Student Challenge has come to an end. The top 10 teams have qualified for the Global Final 2021. The Global Qualification Round 2 will kick off between January 25 to February 12. Read the full update for a list of the top finalists!

Insights into what's new for The Blue Connection!

The New Release of The Blue Connection is here! It consists of new features like Return on Material KPI, Vendor Lease Loan option, and more. With the re-designed interface, you can immerse yourself in facing the challenges and opportunities of going circular. You can read all about what’s new in The Blue Connection in this article.

The Cool Connection: New release!

Experience now The Cool Connection focused on Working Capital Management. Bridge the Physical and Financial Value Chain by immersing yourself in our new and improved user interface. Or take it to the next level with the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) variant by implementing a powerful planning process”.

The Blue Connection is part of the world’s 39 most inspirational circular economy solutions!

Sitra collaborates with partners from different sectors to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future. To support the transition to a circular economy, Sitra has compiled a list of inspirational circular solutions from all around the globe. The Blue Connection was chosen to be one of the 39 circular economy solutions to inspire the world!