New Product Launch: Learning Solution on Life Cycle Assessment in Collaboration with Ecochain

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In partnership with Ecochain, we now offer a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) learning solution designed specifically for higher education institutions and companies.

This innovative learning solution provides a real-world, hands-on experience in creating an LCA for a chocolate milk bottle using the Ecochain Mobius software. It breaks down the complicated process of assessing environmental impact, making it easy to understand and use for learners of all levels. To also establish a baseline for further action and improvement, learners will determine the bottle’s carbon footprint and identify key areas for environmental improvement.

Why LCA?

Learning about life cycle assessment (LCA) is essential because it provides a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impacts of products and processes from start to finish. This knowledge helps individuals and organizations make informed, sustainable decisions, reduce waste, and conserve resources. By mastering LCA, we can drive innovation, meet sustainability goals, and contribute to a healthier planet for future generations. 

Inchainge and Ecochain Collaboration

“Through this partnership with Ecochain, we can provide our education customers across the world with access to state-of-the-art life cycle assessment software,” said Michiel Steeman, Managing Partner of Inchainge. “This supports our mission to advance sustainability education. By offering an engaging, hands-on experience in life cycle assessment, we are empowering both students and professionals to lead the way in sustainable business practices.” 

Frans-Willem de Kloet, CEO of Ecochain, also expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating:  “As an LCA software provider, we frequently receive requests to educate students and collaborate with universities and schools. I am therefore very happy that, through our partnership with Inchainge, we can now offer LCA education to students in a professional and interactive way. While students may not be the business users of today, they are certainly the business users of the near future.”

About Ecochain Mobius

Ecochain Mobius is LCA software that empowers businesses to do their own product footprinting. Model your products, identify impact hotspots, compare better alternatives, and share actionable insights in a fraction of the time. Assess your product(s) impact on different impact categories like CO2, water use, ecotoxicity, and land use. Get a concise environmental footprint for your products or processes in PDF format to share with the world.


For High Education Institutions:  

Educational institutions can integrate this solution into their curriculum courses to equip students with practical skills and insights in a short time (4 hours minimum length). Preparing them for careers in supply chain, sustainability, environmental management, and more. Empower your students with the knowledge and tools to make a positive impact on our planet!   

Luc Hillege, Product Manager at Ecochain, elaborates on the importance of this learning solution in Higher Education stating: “Making an impact starts with measuring it. In our view, it is one of the key activities to learn how to mitigate climate change. As a student, having an understanding of LCA as a methodology and applying it in a practical case using our LCA software Ecochain Mobius is a great first step. The learning solution from Inchainge provides a solid starting point to learn more about the footprint associated with the supply chain of a product”. 

For companies:

Companies can use this solution to train the relevant departments on how to create LCAs and accelerate the change to minimize their environmental footprint and enhance overall sustainability. Take the first step towards making informed, sustainable choices for your organization!      

As our Director of Corporate Training, Noah Schaul emphasized:Going through an LCA can be a challenging endeavor for a company. Tools like Ecochain Mobius can be of great help. Nevertheless, hurdles like access to the right data or a lack of companywide understanding of LCA remain. The key is to get started even if you are not yet fully ready. Using an established LCA tool first with a realistic but hypothetical case can close that readiness gap and help companies get started with LCA without necessarily having all the answers yet.”   

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