Global Trainer Challenge

It’s official, we are back with a new edition.
Save the date: October 30thth, 2024!

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Global Trainer Challenge

It’s official, we are back with a new edition.
Save the date: October 30thth, 2024!

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The Challenge Concept

After the great success of our 2023 edition, we are back again with a combined Global Trainer Challenge and Global Educator Challenge! Connect and expand your network with our community of trainers and educators!

You’ll not only compete against professional trainers but also educators from all around the world! You can be the captain of your own team with your colleagues or peers. Sign up and be challenged in the field of financial value chains as this year’s theme is “The Impact of Working Capital Management on Supply Chain Performance”.

You are expected as a trainer to join as part of your certification maintenance process. If you cannot make it to one of those sessions, please let us know as soon as possible.

This year we will ask every certified trainer to bring a plus one! You can sign up individually and let us know who you will bring later on.

Why should you join the Global Trainer Challenge?

About the Challenge

The Global Trainer Challenge starts on October 30th, and it takes place fully online.

The challenge will cover our learning solution: Working Capital Management powered by The Cool Connection. This solution covers everything in managing the working capital in a supply chain. For three weeks, participants will play six rounds in teams of four (maximum five). The participants will get to run their own virtual company – a manufacturer of personal care products. Faced with declining performance, the management team must get the company back on track by bridging the physical and financial supply chain. To add the flair of a real-world experience, the challenge comes with the added element of a limited budget!



You will experience the impact of your decision in real-time across the business within the simulation and not just function in silos.

How to join?

  • Conditions for creating your own team:
  • You will be assigned into a team with other 3 to 4 peers
  • All teams will be a mix of certified trainers and non-certified participants.
  • Certified trainers are expected to attend as part of their certification maintenance process.
  • Every certified trainer should bring at least a plus one! This can be another trainer, educator, lecturer, professional who are not yet certified by Inchainge and who find value in experiencing The Cool Connection together with you. We will put you and your plus one into the same team.
Sign up individually!

You can sign up individually and let us know about your plus one afterwards. Then we will assign you to the same team.

Full Program

Start of the Challenge

30th October, 2024

Rounds 1 & 2
October 30th
Round 3 & 4
Debrief & Leaderboard session
November 6th
Round 5 & 6
Debrief & Leaderboard session
November 13th



20th November, 2024
3 PM CET (UTC +1)
9 AM EST (UTC -5)

Award Ceremony

Debrief & Leaderboard sessions

Duration of the sessions: 1 hour

The sessions will take place weekly before the opening of the rounds. During those sessions, you will find out the instructions for the next rounds and find out who the top teams of the previous rounds are. 

At least one team member must be present for each session. 


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