Inchainge Brings Gamification to APICS Certification Maintenance

APICS Certification Holders can now collect Maintenance Points with Inchainge's Value Chain Business Games

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Utrecht, January 2024 – In a game-changing collaboration, Inchainge, a prominent provider of experiential learning, has joined forces with the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) to introduce a novel approach to earning certification maintenance points for APICS-certified supply chain professionals. Commencing in 2024, ASCM’s APICS certification holders can now accumulate points by participating in training sessions that feature Inchainge’s innovative business simulation games.


APICS-certified professionals engaging in training with Inchainge’s business simulations will now be eligible for 1 certification maintenance point per training hour. For instance, completing an 8-hour training session will earn participants 8 certification maintenance points.



Fernanda Debellian, Regional Director at ASCM, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating:

“We have successfully used Inchainge business simulations for training in the past, so we know the experience they deliver is extremely valuable for skill-building. We look forward to expanding our partnership to help our members advance their expertise and careers in innovative ways.”


Inchainge specializes in immersive learning experiences centered around value chain strategy, end-to-end supply chain management, sustainability, and business acumen. Their training programs employ realistic business simulations, facilitating the seamless transfer of knowledge from the learning environment to the workplace.



Grant Swanepoel, Regional Lead at ASCM, highlighted the effectiveness of Inchainge’s Business Games, saying:

“Using Inchainge’s Business Games is a great experience with a detailed process that introduces theoretical concepts and then lets you explore in a realistic but safe environment. You can see what works and what doesn’t, thereby providing the learner with practical experience.”


ASCM, a global leader in supply chain education, training, and certification, aims to provide supply chain professionals with more engaging and effective continuing education options through this collaboration with Inchainge.


Hans Kremer, Co-founder of Inchainge, emphasized the potential for enriching learning experiences worldwide, stating:

“Many of our training partners are also ASCM channel partners. They blend ASCM content with our business simulations to create powerful learning programs. This collaboration opens the door to more such developments and an increasingly richer offering to learners worldwide.”


APICS maintenance points can now be earned through Inchainge or their partners’ training sessions featuring various business simulations, including The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection, The Blue Connection, and The Triple Connection. These game-based training tools challenge participants to work cross-functionally as they take over a virtual manufacturing company, addressing topics such as End-to-End Supply Chain Understanding, Sustainable Business, S&OP and IBP, Supply Chain Risk and Resilience, Supply Chain Finance, and more.


Egge Haak, Co-founder of Inchainge, outlined the organization’s mission, stating:

“Our goal has always been applying practical learning techniques to develop better business leaders. Working with renowned organizations like ASCM allows us to get our programs in front of more professionals who can benefit greatly from experiential learning.”


This collaboration represents an extension of the existing relationship between Inchainge and ASCM, with Inchainge’s business games already being utilized by many ASCM channel partners. However, it marks the first time ASCM will directly award certification maintenance points for the completion of Inchainge training programs.


APICS-Certified professionals; Are you ready to take the next step and elevate your supply chain education? Be the first one to collect points with Inchainge’s exclusive training sessions with the world’s leading business games. Contact us at today for more information and to get you started!


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