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Benefits of Experiential Learning vs Traditional Learning*

  • 90%
    Learning Retention
  • 45%
  • 50%
    Increase in Productivity

SCM professionals from Danone Nutricia Middle East, GoodyCo, and Domino’s Pizza, collaborating at our Global PRO Final in Milan

Benefits of Experiential Learning vs Traditional Learning*

  • 90%
    Learning Retention
  • 45%
  • 50%
    Increase in Productivity

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Canon makes collaboration measurable

Intensive collaboration between various disciplines is a vital prerequisite for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). But how do you create the right mindset? Canon Europe arranged for 80 of its employees across five different time zones to take part in an in-company version of The Fresh Connection.

DuPont takes Employees out of their comfort zone

DuPont runs several training sessions around the world to increase its managers’ awareness of the importance of internal cooperation and leadership. One key component of these five-day sessions is business game The Fresh Connection, which helps the chemical company to combat ‘silo thinking’.

The hidden gem of Unilever’s Procurement Week – an immersive supply chain business game!

Inchainge had the incredible opportunity to be a part of Unilever’s Procurement Week—a three-day program that brought together 80 procurement professionals, from entry to senior positions, from across Europe, involving them in an immersive training experience with the chance to experiment, learn and exchange ideas.

Lamb Weston brings S&OP alive

Weston has been working with the standard S&OP method for the past year. However, the manufacturer of frozen potato products is still in the process of learning and perfecting the approach. As part of that process, the board of directors arranged for the entire European management team to spend an afternoon playing the business game known as The Fresh Connection.

How a home appliances company experienced an immersive circular transition

Knowing about circular economy is one thing, but implementing circular economy is way more complicated. That is why a large home appliances company formed a team for Inchainge’s 3-week open program: Circularity Hands-On.

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