about Inchainge

About Inchainge

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Inchainge’s game-based learning simulations are in use all around the globe, across more than 700 universities, and by many of the world’s most successful companies. Our immersive business games – The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection, and The Blue Connection – present an innovative approach to learning that puts participants at the heart of a lifelike simulation.

Our Story

Over the past decade, Inchainge has grown into a company with over a dozen employees, several departments, three successful business simulation games, a global partner network, and an impressive track record.

In the world of serious gaming, Inchainge has earned a reputation for offering the most advanced business simulation games globally. In the field of Value Chain Management, and the wide scope of topics this entails, our serious games offer an unprecedented experience. By adding sustainability to the mix, we have created an extremely powerful learning experience with the potential to impact many generations to come.

Inchainge’s track record speaks for itself and is more than enough evidence that experiential learning through immersive business games fosters success!

Egge Haak at the Global PRO Final 2019 of The Fresh Connection in Athens, Greece

The Founders

Egge Haak, the founding father of Inchainge, saw real potential in ‘The Fresh Connection’, a business game originally developed by Dutch consultancy firm Involvation. He decided to create a new business focused on this new way of experiential learning. In his quest for a partner in crime he quickly knew who his ideal partner could be.

Hans Kremer was someone he had worked with before and who shared the same passion for Value Chain Management. The dynamic duo struck a deal with Involvation and transferred ‘The Fresh Connection’ into a new company. They quickly started building a global network of training and consultancy firms with expertise in this niche market.

The Trio was completed in 2012, when a government funded project to create awareness about Supply Chain Finance ultimately led to the creation of our second business game, ‘The Cool Connection’. Egge and Hans were approached by Michiel Steeman, also known as the Guru of Supply Chain Finance. He joined Hans and Egge and thereby completed the partner trio that successfully manages Inchainge today.

Our Mission

Inchainge’s mission is to support a more sustainable and inclusive world, where every student and professional has the chance to understand and improve value chains. Our team-based simulation games not only touch on core value chain topics such as supply chain management, working capital, and the circular economy, but are also designed to stimulate alignment across disciplines.

Value Chain Management is crucial for every position in every industry – it is about optimization in every sense of the word and includes circularity, risk management, a no-waste mindset, and taking responsibility. Our values are reflected in our own team, our simulations, and our events and projects. We strive to provide equal chances to everyone, and we want to empower people to be part of a global network!

We are Inchainge - We Develop Value Chain Leaders!