Global PRO Challenge 2023

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Nov 13th-17th 2023

Global PRO Challenge and Global PRO Final

Every year, hundreds of corporate teams from around the globe, learn about supply chain management with the world's leading business game in supply chain, The Fresh Connection. Learning with The Fresh Connection is experiential learning, or as this concept is often described learning by doing. Given our extensive track record, this can be considered a proven concept!

Participating teams do not only learn, but they are also ranked based on their performance. To see who the best teams are, and to see how performance develops, as learning progresses. Teams are part of a challenge, the Global PRO Challenge.

Learning matters most for professional development, whereas performance serves as a benchmark. The ultimate benchmark being how well the best corporate teams compare when they are up against each other. Enter the Global PRO Final, that gathers the best 100 teams, from close to 100 companies, as well as tens of countries, and all major continents.

The Global PRO Final is a spectacular multi-day online event, that includes:

  • multiple rounds in another challenging learning journey
  • the opportunity to benchmark with professionals from around the world
  • the room to network with other supply chain professionals
  • learn from experts during brief, powerful keynotes
The Global PRO Finalists 2019 (10 teams) together with our competition partners.

Highlights of our track record

40% of the top 100 manufacturing businesses (Fortune)

50% of Gartner's
Supply Chain Top 25

40% of Global top 10
of 3rd Party Logistics Providers

More than
800 companies globally

Learning with an advanced business game

To make the experience as realistic as possible, participants split up into teams of four. The teams then become the management team of The Fresh Connection, a fictional manufacturing company that is in dire need of a turnaround. Each team member represents one of four functional roles: supply chain, operations, sales, and purchasing. The teams' biggest challenge is to align and collaborate to make the best strategic and tactical decisions for the Value Chain of The Fresh Connection and to save it from the abyss.

The objective is to build experience, learn from mistakes, reflect, contextualize, rinse and repeat. Participants will realize that cross-functional alignment is key! At the same time, they will improve their end-to-end value chain understanding and can see the financial impact of their team's decision-making.

The Fresh Connection User Interface

Global PRO Final 2023

Every year, Inchainge’s training partners take numerous professional teams from hundreds of companies, tens of countries, and multiple industries through immersive, game-based learning experiences. We adhere to the principle that learning occurs when someone wants to learn, not when someone wants to teach. This approach is also known as experiential learning or “learning by doing,” and given our track record, it is certainly a proven concept.

We are pleased to have the best corporate teams as finalists! This collaboration has allowed many companies and universities to benefit from our trainings and their expertise.

Watch the Global PRO Final LIVE
Nov 14th-17th 2022

Benefits of joining the Global PRO Challenge

We truly believe that to develop value chain leaders, you need to blend theory with practice and meaningful words need to be followed by meaningful actions.

Experience the power of true cross-funtional alignment
Manage tradeoffs and develop advanced decision-making skills
Gain experience of how to put Strategy into Action
Learn to challenge decisions and underlying assumptions
Build effective teams
Achieve national and international recognition
Be rewarded for excellence with a certificate
Expand your international network
Become The Fresh Connection World Champion
The world Trophy for the champions of the Global PRO Final.


Besides recognition and eternal glory for winning the title of Global PRO Champion in Value Chain Management, the top-ranking teams will be awarded with a prestigious Executive Masterclass.

How to join the Challenge?

Step 1

Register & Participate

Sign up for a global training

Sign-up to organize a training within your company or to receive all the global training opportunities with The Fresh Connection – there might be one in your country provided by one of our training partners!

Step 2

Global PRO Final

November 2023

Only the best teams from the trainings that are organized all year round qualify to join the Global PRO Final in November.

Watch the Global PRO Final LIVE
Nov 14th-17th 2022

Global PRO Champion
in Value Chain Management
the top 3 ranking teams will be awarded with
a prestigious Executive Masterclass!

In collaboration with our Challenge Partners