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Unleash Your Team's Potential with the Global PRO Challenge

Fast-track Your Team’s SCM Skills with Unique, Hands-on Training Programs. Turn Supply Chain Challenges into Opportunities.

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Unleash Your Team's Potential with the Global PRO Challenge

Fast-track Your Team’s SCM Skills with Unique, Hands-on Training Programs. Turn Supply Chain Challenges into Opportunities.

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Step into a global network of 800+ businesses

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Reshaping Training through Learning by Doing Discover What Our Participants Say

Why Choose Our Training Programs?

Create impact within your Team and across your Organization from different Perspectives

Supply Chain Management

  • Streamline Collaboration, Break Down Silos

    Foster seamless collaboration across your organization. Transform team dynamics, drive alignment, and minimize damaging silo behaviors.

    In simple terms, enable your team to work together more effectively and witness your supply chain productivity rise for tangible business results.

  • Master Resource Efficiency

    Equip your team with key SCM skills to execute tasks with precision and speed.

    Overcome resource and time constraints to enhance your supply chain’s overall productivity and performance.

  • Drive SCM understanding among stakeholders

    Through our training, we help clarify the complexities of SCM roles. This promotes wider understanding within your organization, leading to increased support and resources for SCM tasks.

L&D Management

  • Strengthen Talent Retention and Recruitment

    With the supply chain field becoming increasingly complex, attracting and retaining skilled professionals can be a challenge. Equip your team with sought-after SCM skills, increasing their engagement and loyalty.

  • Align Training with Rapidly Evolving Business Needs

    Our training programs adapt to the fast-changing world of supply chain management.

    We incorporate new learning technologies and methods to ensure your team stays ahead of the curve, ready to tackle new challenges.

  • Engage a Diverse Workforce in Continuous Learning

    Implement learning that speaks to everyone. Design and implement global learning strategies that resonate across cultures and regions.

    Guarantee engagement and experience a boost in continuous learning momentum across your organization.

Young Professionals

  • Propel Your SCM Career Forward

    Advance your career by gaining hands-on experience in a risk-free virtual learning environment.

    Learn from experts, master complex SCM concepts, and stand out as a valuable asset in your organization.

  • Accelerate Growth Despite Time Constraints

    Fast-track your professional growth by mastering SCM skills quickly with training designed to condense real-world experience into a shorter timeframe.

    Every minute invested will bring extensive value to your professional journey.

  • Enhance Your Teamwork and Communication Skills

    Improve your ability to collaborate effectively with peers worldwide.

    By competing and collaborating in the Global PRO Challenge training, you’ll foster invaluable teamwork and communication skills that make you a key player in your organization.

How it Works?

First Step
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Inquiry & Sign up

Share your learning objectives and training needs with us.

We will tailor a training proposal that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Second Step
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Tailored to your objectives, your team experiences a profoundly impactful training.

Only the top performers are invited to compete in the Global PRO Final.


The Final Step
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Global PRO Final

Compete among the top teams for the prestigious SCM World Champion title.

Showcase your abilities on a Global Platform and gain industry recognition.



The Story behind the Global PRO Challenge

Every supply chain faces challenges. In each challenge, however, lies the seed of opportunity. That’s the core principle behind the Global PRO Challenge – a platform to turn supply chain complexities into stepping stones for success.

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Our motto is straightforward:
Challenges Today, Opportunities Tomorrow

Global Pro Final: the Battle for the World Champion Title

The Global PRO Challenge is just the beginning. For the elite, the journey continues in the Global PRO Final – a prestigious event that brings together the top 10% of performers from our training sessions worldwide.

The Global PRO Final is an exhilarating 1-week annual event taking place every November. Over the span of five action-packed days, finalists engage in several competitive rounds, battling for the Global Champion title.

But the Global PRO Final isn’t just about competition. It’s a vibrant learning hub, complete with insights from industry experts and discussions on pressing value chain issues.



Winner's prize

Exclusive 3-day Exposure Trip to The Netherlands

Besides recognition and eternal glory for winning the title of Global PRO Champion in Value Chain Management, the top 3 ranking teams will be awarded a unique tailor-made 3-day exposure trip to the Netherlands!

During the 3-day trip, winning teams will attend masterclasses from esteemed experts and professors in the supply chain field on the most current topics. Such as resilience, digitalization, and supply chain finance. The program includes company visits, cultural exploration of The Netherlands as well as an award ceremony!

Global PRO Final 2024 Program

Step Into the World of Supply Chain Management with The Fresh Connection

Imagine leading the turnaround of a struggling virtual company, experiencing firsthand the effects of your strategic and tactical decisions on its Value Chain.

  Align, Collaborate, and Succeed

Play as the executive team of The Fresh Connection, a virtual manufacturing company on the brink of collapse. Each team member adopts a key role: supply chain, operations, sales, or purchasing.

The Fresh Connection provides a safe, interactive environment for your team to make high-stake decisions, learn from their mistakes, and reflect on their strategic choices.

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