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Achieve Excellence Through a Unique Training Formula

Join the ranks of top global enterprises, including 40% of Fortune’s top 100 manufacturers, revolutionizing their training with game-based training solutions.

Enhance your training programs with learning by doing through business games. With a focus on peer-to-peer learning, you can foster cross-functional collaboration and break down silo-thinking. Emphasized on training transfer, we guarantee you a powerful training solution that greatly impacts your workforce!

Our Training Topics

Unlock your Team’s Potential with our Game-based Training Solutions

Discover our catalog of fifteen training solutions powered by four business games. Easily tailored to match your desired level of complexity, scalability, and business objectives. Upskill your workforce rapidly with real-world scenarios in a risk-free and web-based environment. Achieve excellence with the power of experiential learning!

End-to-End Supply Chain Management

Experience the opportunities and challenges of the End-to-End supply chain in a safe virtual environment. Break silo-behavior, and create true cross-funtional alignment. From basic to advanced, our solutions are adaptable to a wide spectrum of supply chain training programs.

Read more about the available training solutions for understanding the End-to-End Supply Chain:

  1. Supply Chain Fundamentals
  2. End-to-end Supply Chain
  3. Supply Chain Segmentation
  4. Supply Chain and Market Expansion 
  5. Working Capital Management (WCM)
  6. Data Analytics in Supply Chain

WCM is powered by The Cool Connection

All others are powered by The Fresh Connection


S&OP and Integrated Business Planning

Experience the impact of well-structured Sales & Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning. Make better-informed decisions through dynamic cross-functional collaboration and strategies across the business, with an eye on financial and business impact.

Read more about the available training solutions for experiencing Sales & Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning:

  1. Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  2. Advanced Sales & Operations Planning
  3. Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

(Advanced) S&OP powered by The Fresh Connection

IBP powered by The Cool Connection

Sustainability and Circularity

It’s no secret that sustainability is the way forward. Get hands-on experience with the challenges and opportunities of a circular economy and a more sustainable future. Understand why cross-functional alignment is the key to this transition!

Read more about the available training solutions for transitioning to a more sustainable/circular business:

  1. Sustainable Business powered by The Triple Connection
  2. Circular Business Transition powered by The Blue Connection
  3. Product-as-a-Service powered by The Blue Connection
  4. Carbon Footprint Optimization powered by The Fresh Connection

Supply Chain Disruptions

Is your workforce prepared to effectively manage disruptions in your supply chain? Experience how to manage risk, finance, and other key elements to run a resilient supply chain in a safe virtual environment. Don’t wait for a disruption to happen. Start preparing today!

Read more about the available training solutions for managing supply chain disruptions:

  1. Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
  2. Supply Chain Resilience (SCR)
  3. Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

SCRM and SCR powered by The Fresh Connection

SCF powered by The Cool Connection


Benefits for your Workforce

Change Guaranteed: Foster a Highly Skilled and Efficient Workforce

  • Highest Training Impact

    Expertiential learning increases the engagement, retention and comprehension levels in participants. Add peer-to-peer learning and training transfer and it’s the perfect blend!

    What is experiential learning?
  • Enhance Cross-functional Collaboration

    Break silo-thinking. Fostering a culture of effective communication, and teamwork, ultimately contributing to a more cohesive and responsive supply chain. 

  • Improve Operational Efficiency

    Cultivating a workforce that understands the intricacies of supply chain management, leads to improved operational efficiency, and reduced costs.

  • Skill Development

    Develop and enhance various skills critical to supply chain management, including decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic planning.

  • Real-world Application

    Providing a safe environment for learners to apply theoretical knowledge to practical, real-world situations.

  • Strategic Alignment

    Supporting participants acquire the specific skills, behaviors, and mindsets required to contribute effectively to the company’s success.

  • Personalized Training Certification

    After finalizing the training, participants can showcase their achievement with an official personalized certificate!

  • User Privacy Guaranteed

    Your privacy matters. We meet all regulations and laws governing the privacy of user data.

Delivery Benefits

Flexible Training Delivery Formats

We make the training delivery as easy as possible for everyone involved. We are ready to support you in every step!

Accelerated Learning

Rapidly upskill your team with efficient, focused learning in key areas. 


Scale up your training programs to accommodate a growing number of learners without compromising the quality.

Effective Training Transfer Methodology

Make your training programs stick, ensure skills and knowledge learned are applied on the job and measure the impact on the company’s performance. 

Tailored Delivery Formats

Belding individual, peer-to-peer and expert learning with training transfer and learning-by-doing methodologies leads to real training results.

Flexible Learning Path

Increase learning efficiency by allowing learners to go through the training at their own pace and time. 

Global Accessibility

Easily accessed by participants from different geographical locations, fostering global collaboration and ensuring that supply chain professionals worldwide can benefit from the training.

Premium Support

Our training coordinators, product specialists, global trainers, and community of supply chain experts are ready to assist you every step of the way and provide you with the ultimate training experience for your team.

Why experiential learning?

Bridging the Gap in Traditional Training Methods

The advantages of learning by doing are not just anecdotal; they are supported by quantitative data and research.


  • 67%

    agreed that gamified learning is both more engaging and motivating than traditional methods. ¹

  • 90%

    learning retention in trainings using experiential learning. ²

  • 80%

    daily job application through training transfer methodology. ³

Traditional training can fall short in practical application; adopting innovative methods that excel in real-world skill development. This is crucial for professional growth and talent retention.

¹Source ² Source ³ Source


Inspiring Customer Experiences

Discover how our customers achieved professional success. Explore real-life stories about the transformative power of experiential learning.

Business voices

The Fresh Connection was a challenging test of decision making, commercial awareness and learning agility that requires each individual to understand the impact of their role and actions on the profitability of the whole business.

Adam Lockwood photo

Adam Lockwood

Supply Development Manager atMars UK

The Game-Changer: Supply Chain Canada Teams Up with ‘The Fresh Connection’

Imagine diving deep into a business world, where the dynamics of a game merge with the promise of professional growth. Welcome to the collaboration between Supply Chain Canada and business simulation game, The Fresh Connection. Here’s a peek into this exciting journey!

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The hidden gem of Unilever’s Procurement Week – an immersive supply chain business game!

Inchainge had the incredible opportunity to be a part of Unilever’s Procurement Week—a three-day program that brought together 80 procurement professionals, from entry to senior positions, from across Europe, involving them in an immersive training experience with the chance to experiment, learn and exchange ideas.

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Accreditation and awards

Striving for Excellence:
At the Forefront of Innovation

Grand Duke Henri de Luxembourg, Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, Michiel Steeman, Managing Director of Inchainge, and Marloes Bergevoet Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager at BNP Paribas (from left to right).

The Blue Connection, named among Sitra’s 39 Most Inspiring Circular Economy Solutions, reflects our commitment to pioneering sustainable business education. Its global launch, including an interactive demo with royal dignitaries, highlights its role in shaping future sustainability leaders.

Inchainge proudly holds CILT accreditation for all our business simulation games, a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence in learning.

CILT, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, represents professionals and organizations in the logistics and transport sectors globally.

Renowned for high standards, CILT accredits education and training programs, signifying excellence and adherence to the highest professional standards in these fields.

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