about our team

About our Team

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Over the past decade, we have built a team of highly motivated colleagues who are the embodiment of Inchainge. Our vision: we develop Value Chain Leaders! Our mission is to advance the hard- and soft skills of students and professionals by providing the ultimate learning experience.

Based in De Bilt (The Netherlands), we disseminate our business simulation games globally and are constantly seeking new opportunities. Working for Inchainge is challenging and fun. We perpetually improve and innovate, adapting our products to the rapidly developing world of Value Chain Management!

Hans Kremer

Business Partner and Director

Michiel Steeman

Business Partner and Director

Egge Haak

Business Partner and Director

Jacky Emerencia

Head of Marketing & Communications

Antoon Pot

Business Development Manager

Corine van der Sloot

Global Director Education

Iris Tsagri

Project Manager

Kirill Chelombitko

Business Development Manager

Noah Schaul

Business Development Manager

Annette de Jong

Senior Analyst

Angie Bedoya

Junior Marketing
& Communications Manager

Wouter Nalis

Business Developer Manager

Mariana Leiva

Business Development Manager

Michaela Antalová

Business Process Analyst

Roos van Velzen

Business Development Manager