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Discover how our game-based learning solutions, a decade of expertise, and industry knowledge can support you with the ultimate learning experience for your students!

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Achieve Teaching Excellence with our Game-based Learning Solutions

Join the 700 universities, including more than 50% of the top 100, that are reshaping higher education with our game-based learning solutions.

We guarantee a high learning impact for your students! Not only do we offer first-class edtech covering diverse value chain and sustainability topics, but we also have a dedicated support team of education advisors and product specialists to ensure smooth course design and delivery!


Game-based Learning Solutions

Convey Complex Topics with First-class EdTech

Explore our catalog of fifteen learning solutions powered by our four business games, easily tailored to match your course complexity and learning objectives. Engage your students in real-world scenarios, skill development, and decision-making in a risk-free, web-based business environment.

Supply Chain & Operations Management

Students will experience the opportunities and challenges of supply chain management in a safe virtual environment. Break silo-behavior, and create true cross-funtional alignment. Covering a wide array of supply chain topics ranging from basic to advanced. Making it adaptable to supply chain introductory classes to MBA-level programs.

Read more about the available learning solutions for understanding Supply Chain & Operations Management:

  1. Supply Chain Fundamentals
  2. End-to-end Supply Chain
  3. Supply Chain Segmentation
  4. Supply Chain and Market Expansion 
  5. Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  6. Advanced Sales & Operations Planning
  7. Data Analytics in Supply Chain

All others are powered by The Fresh Connection

Sustainable & Circular Business

Working together towards a more sustainable future. Students can experience the challenges and opportunities of transitioning towards more circular and sustainable value chains. Covering topics like Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), circular strategies, carbon footprint, and more! 


Read more about the available learning solutions for transitioning to a more sustainable/circular business:

  1. Sustainable Business powered by The Triple Connection
  2. Circular Business Transition powered by The Blue Connection
  3. Product-as-a-Service powered by The Blue Connection
  4. Carbon Footprint Optimization powered by The Fresh Connection

Supply Chain Disruptions

Students will experience how to manage risk and other key elements to run a resilient supply chain in a safe virtual environment. Get them prepared to effectively manage disruptions in supply chains.

Read more about the available learning solutions for managing supply chain disruptions:

  1. Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
  2. Supply Chain Resilience (SCR)

All powered by  The Fresh Connection

Working Capital Management

Students will gain practical experience in developing their working capital management and supply chain finance skills. Learn to break down silos, collaborate across departments, and achieve working capital and financial success.

Read more about the available training solutions for managing your working capital: 

  1. Working Capital Management (WCM)
  2. Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
  3. Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

All powered by  The Cool Connection

Benefits for Students

Give Your Students a Competitive Edge in Today’s Workforce

  • Highest Learning Impact

    Enhancing student engagement through experiential learning, resulting in improved retention and comprehension levels.

    What is Experiential Learning?
  • Real-world Application

    Bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world applications, preparing students for practical challenges.

  • Develop T-shaped Professionals

    Fostering proficiency in specialized areas of supply chain management and interdisciplinary skills crucial for students’ career success.

  • Learner-centric Experience

    Fully immersing students in a risk-free environment, making strategic, cross-functional business decisions.

  • Elevate Professional Competencies

    Cultivating critical thinking alongside real-world skills such as decision-making, negotiation, collaboration, and more!

  • Personalized Student Certification

    After finishing a course with one of our business games, your students can showcase their performance with an official personalized certificate!

  • #1 Global Student Challenge

    Exclusive access to the challenge for your top performing students in a course with (one of) our business games.

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  • Student Privacy Guaranteed

    Your students’ privacy matters. We meet all regulations and laws governing the privacy of student data.

Top-Notch Support

Ready to Support you in Every Step of the Way

Our education advisors, product specialists, supply chain experts, and community of educators are ready to assist you every step of the journey.

Technical Support Hotline 24/7

Product Specialist Support – from Course Design to Evaluation

Train the Trainers (Free Certification for Educators)

Web-based Technology – No IT Support Needed

Free Ready-to-go Course Materials, Exercises, and Case Studies

Networking Opportunities with our Community of Educators

Textbooks Available (optional, at a fee)

Grading Exam Tool Available (optional, at a fee)

Our Approach

Boost your Learning Outcomes with Experiential Learning

  • 87%

    of educators have found that purposeful play enhances student engagement.¹

  • 78%

    of educators agree that digital games have significantly improved students' mastery of curricular content.²

Our evolving educational landscape demands innovative solutions to keep students motivated and learning effectively.

Source 1 & 2


Inspiring Customer Experiences

Discover the stories of academic success from our valued customers. Explore diverse showcases of our business games implemented in universities worldwide, showcasing various delivery formats!

Higher Education voices

The only time I have trouble getting my students out of the classroom is when we're playing The Fresh Connection.

Dr. Roberto Perez-Franco photo

Dr. Roberto Perez-Franco

Research Associate atCenter for Transportation and Logistics (CTL) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

HAN International School of Business | Master Circular Economy

At HAN International School of Business, we believe that our Masters of Circular Economy program is about empowering students to become change agents in transitioning the world from a linear to a circular economy. To help achieve this goal, The Triple Connection, a practice-based game, was introduced into the program.

Read the story

Empowering Students with Real-World Experience

Stephan Verhasselt is a lecturer at FHNW University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, where he has been teaching for over 10 years. With a background in mechanical engineering and a PhD in supply chain management, Stephan brings a wealth of industry experience to his classes. His goal is to prepare his students for the real world by providing them with hands-on learning experiences.

Read the story
Accreditation and awards

Striving for Excellence:
At the Forefront of Innovation

Grand Duke Henri de Luxembourg, Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, Michiel Steeman, Managing Director of Inchainge, and Marloes Bergevoet Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager at BNP Paribas (from left to right).

The Blue Connection, named among Sitra’s 39 Most Inspiring Circular Economy Solutions, reflects our commitment to pioneering sustainable business education. Its global launch, including an interactive demo with royal dignitaries, highlights its role in shaping future sustainability leaders.

Inchainge proudly holds CILT accreditation for all our business simulation games, a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence in learning.

CILT, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, represents professionals and organizations in the logistics and transport sectors globally.

Renowned for high standards, CILT accredits education and training programs, signifying excellence and adherence to the highest professional standards in these fields.

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