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April 3, 2023 Share the story:

At HAN International School of Business, we believe that our Masters of Circular Economy program is about empowering students to become change agents in transitioning the world from a linear to a circular economy. To help achieve this goal, The Triple Connection, a practice-based game, was introduced into the program.

Empowering students to change the world

The Masters of Circular Economy is about changing the world. It's basically about educating students to facilitate the transition towards a Circular Economy.

Watch Ann Wolter, lecturer Circular Economy at HAN International School of Business, explain their experiential learning program.

Video created by HAN International School of Business. Interview with Ann Wolter, lecturer Circular Economy of the Master Circular Economy.

We added a practice-based game called The Triple Connection to our program. This business game is based on the three Ps which are People, Planet, and Prosperity. Each student has a role as they experience the transition to sustainability first-hand, Ann Wolter explains.

Students can expect a lot from this Masters. They are able to explore all the different avenues of circularity. They will become empowered as they grow the confidence to go to a company, suggest changes, and even implement those changes.

Discover how HAN is Revolutionizing Sustainability Education with Game-based Learning.

Empowering Students with Real-World Experience

Stephan Verhasselt is a lecturer at FHNW University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, where he has been teaching for over 10 years. With a background in mechanical engineering and a PhD in supply chain management, Stephan brings a wealth of industry experience to his classes. His goal is to prepare his students for the real world by providing them with hands-on learning experiences.


The essence of supply chain management by Léo Ducrot

Supply chain management is about creating the operating model the company needs to realize its business strategy. It requires to make sure that all the actors of a company are working in the same direction. The Fresh Connection is the perfect tool to understand, experience, and observe the power (and challenges) of alignment. It is a very good learning experience and a lot of fun