Mastering the Circular Economy: Now Available in Chinese

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Today marks a significant milestone! We’re thrilled to announce that renowned lecturers and authors, Dr. Ed Weenk EngD and Rozanne Henzen, have broadened the audience of their book, “Mastering the Circular Economy.”

Previously available in English and Spanish, it is now accessible in Chinese under the title 韧性商业模式. This Chinese rendition has been made possible by the dedicated team at 中译出版社 Chinese Translation Publishing House (previously known as China International Translation and Publishing Company).

About the Book

“Mastering the Circular Economy” offers an in-depth exploration of the diverse realms of the circular economy. It skillfully intertwines theory with best practices, includes stimulating exercises, showcases enlightening case studies, incorporates experiential learning applications, and even provides a foresight into what the future might hold. The book stands as an invaluable resource for professionals well-versed in circularity and aspiring higher education students charting their path towards a sustainable future.

Understanding circularity might seem straightforward, but its real-world application often presents significant challenges. This book steps in as a guide, offering keen insights to help businesses navigate the circular economy, enriched by the captivating business game, “The Blue Connection.” Readers have the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge, get a hands-on understanding, and immerse themselves in this interactive business game, all while gaining a grasp on the strategic and operational nuances of the circular economy.

We extend our warm congratulations to the respected authors, Dr. Ed Weenk and Rozanne Henzen, as well as the Chinese Translation Publishing House.

Excited to Learn More?

Educators and professionals alike will find valuable insights in this pivotal work. Mastering the Circular Economy is available in English, Spanish, and now, Chinese, catering to a worldwide readership. Discover more about the Chinese version, “韧性商业模式,”, and the Spanish rendition, “Economía Circular,“.

We hope you’ll share this acclaimed work with friends, peers, and colleagues. Let us know your thoughts!