The EdTech Revolution
in Higher Education

Accelerating Value Chain Excellence
& a Sustainable Future
with game-based learning

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Inchainge Connect Educator Conference 2022

After the incredible success of the previous edition, we are excited to announce that Inchainge Connect will be brought to you as an exclusive Global Online Event on the 30th of March 2022!

The theme will be The EdTech Revolution in Higher Education – Accelerating Value Chain Excellence & a Sustainable Future with game-based learning’.

We are honored to announce several world-renowned Keynote speakers who will be presenting very interesting topics.

Inchainge Connect prioritizes what’s most important in value chain education, so you can take back strategies and concepts to reinvent or re-establish your course or department. Attendees will be presented with a wide range of actionable ideas. What will you take back to prepare your students for the future?

In support of educators around the globe we are offering free access to an extended 3-block program (morning, afternoon & evening) accessible to all time zones. Join from any time zone at your own convenience. Take full advantage of our exciting program and attend as many sessions as you find interesting.

Keynote speakers

Keynote speaker

Prof. Dr. Sara de Freitas

Thought leader in the field of game-based learning and recognized as one of the most Influential Women in Technology. An educator, author, researcher and public speaker with twenty-five years in education
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Keynote speaker

Prof. Dr. Ivo Wenzler

Professor Serious Gaming at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

What is serious gaming and why should we bother?

The reality as we experience it is often complex, ill-defined, and dynamic in nature. The changes within that reality, whether ecological, social, or technological, are rapid and discontinuous. So, if you want to understand what the future might or should be like, learn how to influence it or adapt to it, and build your confidence in achieving that future, what do you do? You play.

Serious gaming as a process of play and serious games as instruments of play, are in effect simulations of our perceptions of reality, providing experiential environments for learning and enabling change.

The presentation will focus on three key questions: what serious gaming is, why should we care about it, and what are the key areas for future research if we want to increase the societal impact of serious gaming.

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Keynote speaker

Daniel Stanton

Supply chain executive, entrepreneur, and professor. Known as "Mr. Supply Chain"
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Keynote speaker

Dr. Eveline van Zeeland

Expert coach of organizations, professionals and students on how to apply design thinking in their everyday practice. University teacher for almost twenty years.
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Keynote speaker

Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser

One of the world’s Top 10 most influential faculty thinkers and a top 100 sustainability leader.
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Track Chairs & Speakers

More speakers will be announced!

Dr. Andre Kreie

Learn more about Dr. Andre Kreie

Björn Claes

Learn more about Björn Claes

Christiaan de Goeij

Learn more about Christiaan de Goeij

Dr. Christopher A. Boone

Learn more about Dr. Christopher A. Boone

Corine van der Sloot

Learn more about Corine van der Sloot

Dmitrii Gavrilov

Learn more about Dmitrii Gavrilov

Ed Weenk MSc PDEng

Learn more about Ed Weenk MSc PDEng

Egge Haak

Learn more about Egge Haak

Felisa Preciado Higgins, Ph.D.

Learn more about Felisa Preciado Higgins, Ph.D.

Gaby Neumann

Learn more about Gaby Neumann

Dr. Ghatak Kaushik

Learn more about Dr. Ghatak Kaushik

Hans Kremer

Learn more about Hans Kremer

Dr. Hans van der Drift

Learn more about Dr. Hans van der Drift

Prof. Igor Lopes

Learn more about Prof. Igor Lopes

Luca M. Gelsomino Ph.D.

Learn more about Luca M. Gelsomino Ph.D.

Maryse Chappin

Learn more about Maryse Chappin

Prof. Dr. Michiel Steeman

Learn more about Prof. Dr. Michiel Steeman

Nick Vyas

Learn more about Nick Vyas

Noah Schaul

Learn more about Noah Schaul

Oliver J. Ntenje

Learn more about Oliver J. Ntenje

Dr. Rajiv Aserkar

Learn more about Dr. Rajiv Aserkar

Rozanne Henzen

Learn more about Rozanne Henzen

Yeri Juliana Villamizar León

Learn more about Yeri Juliana Villamizar León

Prof. Dr. Ir. Pieter Klapwijk

Learn more about Prof. Dr. Ir. Pieter Klapwijk

Conference program March 30th, 2022


The program for March 30th, 2022 will be announced soon. Meanwhile, get an impression of what to expect by watching last year’s edition


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