Supply Chain Excellence Unveiled: Global PRO Final 2023’s Epic Showdown

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The curtains have finally closed on the much-anticipated Global PRO Final (GPF) 2023, marking another successful year for Inchainge’s flagship event. Dubbed as the “Olympics of Supply Chain Management,” this year’s competition not only showcased the brightest minds in the industry but also brought forth a fusion of competition, innovation, and learning.



A Global Stage for Elite Competition

Mirroring the live-streamed success of 2022, this year’s Global PRO Final week once again opened its doors virtually to the world. With participants hailing from over 15 countries, the diversity and scale of the event were nothing short of spectacular. A staggering 41 teams, representing leading companies worldwide, battled through the intense rounds of The Fresh Connection business simulation game, applying their skills in managing complex supply chains.



Knowledge Sharing and Insightful Discussions

In line with the new concept introduced last year, GPF 2023 wasn’t just about competition. It was a platform for knowledge sharing, where thought leaders and experts convened to discuss the most pressing issues in supply chain management. Keynote speakers delved into topics linking real-world challenges to scenarios within the game, such as:


Intense Rounds, Unprecedented Challenges

Like all of its predecessors, this year’s format was once again dynamic and challenging. Over 5 days, participants engaged in rounds that tested their acumen in areas such as VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), risk, and resilience, pushing the boundaries of strategic thinking and collaboration. The event accommodated participants from different time zones, ensuring a truly global competition.



Celebrating the Winners of GPF 2023

The competition was fierce, but in the end, only the best emerged victorious. This year’s world champion is CCCC The SDC Seed Team, demonstrating unparalleled strategic insight and operational excellence.

Additionally, we extend our profound congratulations to the teams in second and third place:

  • China Mobile Shanxi Province: Showcasing remarkable resilience and innovative thinking.
  • PNJ : Excelling with their sustainable and efficient supply chain solutions.



These top 3 teams not only claim eternal glory but also earn a Masterclass in Value Chain Management at the prestigious Cranfield University in the UK. Tailored by Inchainge and Cranfield, this Masterclass zooms in on specific value chain topics.


Looking Ahead: The Legacy Continues

As GPF 2023 concludes, it leaves behind a legacy of learning, competition, and collaboration. It stands as a testament to the ever-evolving world of supply chain management and the endless possibilities it holds. We eagerly await next year’s edition, anticipating even greater participation, innovation, and global impact.

For more information on how to participate and detailed insights into the Challenge, visit the Global PRO Challenge page.