Breaking Silos with Gamification: The Fresh Perspective of Egge Haak

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The Global PRO Final week is approaching, and we’re excited for the online Fireside Chats that are lined up. One of the highlights? Egge Haak discussing a familiar challenge for all supply chain professionals: How to break Silo Thinking. 


Understanding the pains 

Picture this: You’re in a meeting room, watching as various department heads discuss the latest supply chain project. But rather than a cohesive team, you observe isolated islands, each defending its own agenda, priorities shifting in different directions. This, you realize, is the byproduct of silo thinking – isolated departments, disjointed strategies, and the inevitable inefficiencies that arise. 

Every supply chain professional knows this pain. The frustration of attempting to synchronize efforts across departments that barely communicate, of explaining the intricate ballet of supply chain management to stakeholders who can’t grasp its full complexity. 

Egge Haak, with his decades of experience, watched this scenario play out countless times. He saw talented teams shackled by barriers of their own making. And he thought, “There has to be a better way.” 



The Epiphany: Gamified Learning 

“Traditional silos stem from a mindset of isolation,” Egge points out. “But what if we could change that mindset? What if learning and collaboration became so intertwined, so engaging, that barriers began to crumble on their own?” 

Egge’s answer was “The Fresh Connection.” This wasn’t just a game. It was an invitation to see the supply chain from a fresh perspective. A chance for professionals to step into simulated scenarios, make decisions, face consequences, and most importantly, communicate. 

“In ‘The Fresh Connection’, every decision impacts the whole. It mirrors real-life supply chains, but with one twist – collaboration isn’t optional; it’s imperative,” Egge explains. 

The Power of Engagement

Engage, learn, innovate. This triad became the foundation upon which Egge built his vision. He realized that when professionals were engrossed in a game, they weren’t just absorbing information; they were living it. They were collaborating, strategizing, and looking at the big picture – seeing how each decision cascades down the supply chain. 

“Imagine a space where the finance head understands the implications of logistics, where marketing sees the ripples of their campaigns on inventory,” Egge shares. “This is the world The Fresh Connection opens up.” 



From Game to Reality 

But for Egge, the game was just the starting point. At Inchainge, his mission took on a larger scale, aiming to turn the lessons from The Fresh Connection into tangible outcomes for businesses. It was about more than just understanding; it was about implementing. Bringing gamified insights into actual supply chain processes. 

“We’re not just breaking silos,” Egge states. “We’re creating networks. Networks where every node, every department, every individual, is interconnected.” 


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