Global PRO Final 2021

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Many of us hoped that in 2021 life and business would at least partially become like it was before. That was not the case. All of us dealt, and still deal with the realities of working from home, (partial) lockdowns and supply chain disruptions. The going got tougher, however we kept on going, hoping that in 2022 life and business will at least partially become like it was before.

As a result, given the circumstances, our partners and Inchainge itself, arranged that the Global PRO Challenge (GPC) and its flagship event the Global PRO Final (GPF) took place 100% online. Luckily, we had already invented these wheels in the year(s) before. Typically, Challenge rounds had been online since the start in 2011. Last year, the preceding public training workshops had moved online mostly as well, as did the Final of 2020. For the Global PRO Final of 2021 we returned to the digital 3D surroundings of VirBELA.

All in all, more than 500 teams registered for the training workshops of this eleventh edition of The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge. In the Challenge rounds themselves we saw around 100 teams proceeding in Spring and another 50 in Fall. These professional teams represented hundreds of companies and tens of countries. A record number of 29 teams made it to the Final. They gathered in VirBELA to to be put to the ultimate test. The best team won a grand prize and took home eternal glory.

Spread across 4 days, four rounds were played. Teams had to deal with capacity constraints, pay attention to sustainability, whilst at the same time delivering customer satisfaction and a healthy profit.

In time blocks of 2 hours in CEST afternoons – so APAC teams could join in the early evening and Americas’ in the early morning – the 29 finalist teams gave it all they got. Eventually the winner of The Fresh Connection Global Final 2020 was a team from the China Communications Construction Company, from their First Highway Engineering Group. The team proved to be the best overall and earned the title of TFC Global PRO Final Champion 2021.

The CCCC – FHEG team members

  • Zhao Anji
  • Peng Wang
  • Li Shan
  • Li Qiang

Runner up was Chr. Hansen from Denmark. And 2nd runner up was a team from SC Johnson, made up from individual professionals from 4 different continents. The complete ranking can be found in the table below.

1 China CCCC – FHEG 41.55%
2 Denmark Chr. Hansen 30.13%
3 Global SC Johnson 29.60%
4 Poland Oriflame  
5 Bolivia – Peru South America PROs  
6 China CCCC – SHEC  
7 India Apollo Tyres  
8 The Netherlands MSD Animal Health  
19 Vietnam Suntory Pepsico  
10 Japan Glico  
11 France – Italy LVMH  
12 South Africa Aerosud  
13 Turkey Arzum  
14 USA C.H. Robinson  
15 Germany Doka  
16 Poland Avon  
17 Turkey Efes  
18 Singapore Barry Callebaut  
19 USA Digi-Key  
20 Italy McCormick  
21 Singapore InfoSys  
22 Ireland Irish PROs  
23 Japan Hitachi Ltd  
24 Russia NLMK  
25 Saudi Arabia Al Jammaz Group  
26 The Netherlands SlimStock  
27 India Becton Dickinson  
28 Germany Boehringer Ingelheim  
29 USA United States Air Force