World’s Brightest SCM Talents Battle for Eternal Glory at the 2023 Global Student Challenge Final

A week of thrilling competition wraps up with a new champion, unforgettable moments, and insights from a fascinating Q&A panel

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Global Student Challenge 2023: A Recap

The Global Student Challenge 2023 has come to a close, and what a ride it’s been! With 199 students from 47 teams, and 18 countries hailing from all corners of the world battling for the champion title and prizes worth a total of €10,000. These brilliant minds came together to take on the world’s leading supply chain business game, The Fresh Connection.

This year’s theme: Capacity Constraints in Sustainable Value Chains

Supply Chain Challenges: Real-World Problems, Real-Time Solutions

This year, The Fresh Connection focused on the real challenges faced by supply chain professionals in today’s increasingly complex global landscape. The competition began on May 1st, with participants joining via Zoom from various time zones – from the United States to South Korea and even Australia. They were introduced to the theme that would shape the week’s contest.

The global situation presents numerous complexities such as:

  • Manufacturing constraints and inflexible operations
  • Long lead times
  • Materials shortages
  • Increasing logistics costs
  • Unpredictable consumer demand
  • Environmental risk and natural disasters

These challenges have led to a pressing need for creating sustainable value chains in the industry. As a result, the Global Final’s theme, “Capacity constraints in a sustainable value chain,” was chosen to reflect these real-world issues and to push the teams to find innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability in their strategies.

By weaving this theme into the competition, GSC 2023 has provided an engaging and relevant platform for the participants to tackle real-world problems, fostering a new generation of professionals who are both highly skilled and environmentally conscious.

Round 1: Tackling Capacity Constraints Head-On

Participants were thrown into the deep end in the first round of this year’s Global Final.  They faced capacity constraints and quickly had to adapt, find innovative solutions, and manage limited resources while keeping sustainability goals in mind. With new features added to The Fresh Connection, this round was a demanding yet exciting challenge for the participants.

Despite initial hurdles, our Finalists showed resilience and creativity. As they got more comfortable with The Fresh Connection, they saw a nice uptick in their performance.

Here’s a look at some stats from Round 1:

  • 64% of all teams achieved a double-digit ROI
  • 51% of all teams improved upon their starting ROI of -10.27% in Round 0
  • 34% of all teams reached a positive ROI
  • The average ROI increased from -10.27% to -5.62%

Here are the top 20 teams from Round 1, who set the stage for an intense competition:

These impressive results demonstrate the participants’ ability to learn quickly. They adapted to new challenges and applied their knowledge to real-world situations. This set the stage for fierce competition ahead.

Round 2: More complexity and constraints

The second round intensified as it put the world’s top students to the test, challenging their supply chain management skills in a high-pressure environment. As the competition grew tougher, the students had to adapt quickly. Some new names emerged among the top scores of the round. A special mention goes out to the team of Han University of Applied Science, The broken hearts who catapulted from the bottom 5 to third place based solely on the score of this round.

Some impressive Round 2 stats emerged:

  • 2% of all teams have a double-digit ROI
  • 2% of all teams improved upon the starting ROI of Round 1, with the highest improvement at 42.48%
  • 94% of all teams have a positive ROI
  • Highest ROI: 25.03%
  • The average ROI increased from -5.62% to -0.31%

After two rounds, the leaderboard based on weighted ROI stands as follows:

With the competition heating up, we couldn’t wait to see what strategies and solutions these top teams would bring to the final round!

Round 3: The Final Stretch – Dual Sourcing and Operations

The third round further ramped up the pressure. As the competition reached its climax, the teams faced new challenges in dual sourcing and operations. The students’ resilience and determination were really put to the test. In the end, there can only be one champion.

The Round 3 stats are yet to be revealed:

  • 70.2% of all teams have a double-digit ROI
  • 72.3% of all teams improved upon their previous ROI, with the highest improvement at 39.2%
  • 66% of all teams have a positive ROI
  • Highest ROI: 30.51%
  • The average ROI increased from -0.31% to 6.72%

After three rounds, the leaderboard based on weighted ROI stands as follows:

And the Winner Is …

The Global Final Week saw the best of the best face off in a fierce battle to claim the championship title and cash prizes.

The team with the highest weighted ROI score has emerged victorious.

Team S.A.Y from North China University of Science and Technology rose above the rest, clinching the GSC 2023 champion title with an awe-inspiring performance. Their hard work and dedication truly paid off!

The top 5 teams showcased their remarkable skills, earning their spots among the supply chain management elite.

These teams include:

Second place: team Rd from North China University of Science and Technology in China

Third place: team PM from Vietnam Logistics and Aviation School from Vietnam

Fourth place: team Greased Machine from Vietnam Logistics and Aviation School in Vietnam

Fifth place: team SorryRuler from Ajou University in South Korea

Empowering Futures & Launching Careers: Alumni Q&A Recap

On Friday, before the Award Ceremony, we hosted an exciting Q&A session with four Global Finalist alumni from the Global Student Challenge. They shared their journeys and how game-based learning impacted their studies and careers.

The lively session allowed attendees to explore the experiences of four former finalists, understand the professional advantages of game-based learning, get practical advice for supply chain careers, and participate in dynamic discussions with panellists.

The Q&A participants included:

  • Enrico Kaschak, Process Improvement Manager at ParkDepot and 2021 Global Student Challenge winner
  • Huy Tran, a supply chain professional focused on data and process innovation
  • Abder Rhounimi, a supply chain consultant at Manhattan Associates
  • Hostess Anelka Manukian, former Global Finals participant and education advisor for Inchainge

The interactive session offered attendees a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of these alumni. The Q&A provided valuable insights and practical tips on how to manoeuvre the dynamic world of supply chain management.

The Future is Bright: Supply Chain Management’s Next Generation

As the Global Final 2023 wraps up, it leaves an inspiring legacy for participants and the supply chain community. This competition didn’t just highlight the incredible talent of these students; it also emphasized the importance of sustainability and innovation in the industry.

Word for the educators of these students who have done such a great job teaching these students. They must be proud! Congratulations to Phuong Le, Jisun Jang, Dmitrii Gavrilov, Pascal Zammit, Stefano Riboni, Jettarat Janmontree, Alexandre Lavissiere, Andreas Holzapfel, Rogier Van Weelden and many others!

With the success of GSC 2023, it’s clear that the future of supply chain management is in good hands. As a new generation of professionals steps up, the industry can look forward to exciting growth and advancements in the years ahead.

A massive congratulations to the GSC 2023 champion, Team S.A.Y from North China University of Science and Technology, and a big round of applause for all the participants who poured their hearts into this unforgettable competition!

About the Global Student Challenge 

The Global Student Challenge is the #1 SCM Student Competition in the world, which allows students to gain valuable knowledge, further develop their skills, expand their professional network, and much more. The Challenge pits teams from top business schools and universities from across the globe against each other in the search for the world’s Top Talent in Value Chain Management. By participating in this Challenge, students experience the life of a Corporate Executive by running their own virtual company together with their team.

Only the top 10% of the teams from curriculum courses get invited to one of the three Global Qualification Rounds (GQR). During these GQRs, teams from around the globe compete against each other for a guaranteed spot in the Global Final.

Learn more about the Global Student Challenge here.

Organized by Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Inchainge 

For the past 9 years, the Global Final Week of the Global Student Challenge has been hosted by Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and organized in partnership with Inchainge. In previous years the Global Final Week would take place at the Windesheim campus in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

This year for the third time, we hosted the event fully online. We were joined by students from across the globe on Zoom and Inchainge is proud to present this year’s Global Finalists. A big thank you to Windesheim for many years of partnership and once again being a gracious host!

Are you an educator interested in letting your students take part in the Global Student Challenge?

The competition is exclusively open to students who have experienced The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection, The Blue Connection, or The Triple Connection in a course, hosted by an educator, who has been certified by Inchainge.

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