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Business Games for Higher Education

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Get started today! Everything you need to start, upgrade, or expand your course is included in our Integrated Learning Approach. Our Teaching Concept takes away the stress of planning & designing but is still customizable! Additionally, you control whether to teach in a physical classroom, fully online, or a hybrid setting. The full concept includes our business simulation game(s), the revered Mastering the Supply Chain textbook, educator course materials, exercises, videos and more!

Learning & Personal development

Our business games offer an extremely versatile learning experience. Its modular design makes it easy to set complexity at exactly the right level. Challenge your students from their freshman to senior year at any education level. Foster development of both hard and soft skills and give access to real world experiences in a safe environment.

“We were one of the first to sign up to The Fresh Connection as we could see its benefits for bringing the training and development of our students to life in an imaginative way.” Professor Colin Bamford
Head of the Department of Logistics at University of Huddersfield

Integrated Learning Approach

Our Integrated Learning Approach comes with a vast amount of resources, making it quick and easy to set up your course in no time! This Teaching Concept includes educator slide decks, a wide range of (online) teaching materials, a textbook*, and more. We promote a holistic approach in which the combination of our business games offers a profound learning journey from first year to graduation. With our Integrated Learning Approacht, we strive for excellence in higher education.

  • Our Integrated Learning Approach allows for complete flexibility. When designing your course, you can easily tailor it to meet specific wishes!
  • Easy and fast to implement in your curriculum! Everything needed to start your course today is included. Our Teaching concept takes away the stress of planning & designing your course. You can start today, next week, or next month. The choice is yours!
  • Find the right balance! Flip the switch and change how you teach your students. You control whether it is in a physical classroom, fully online or in a hybrid setting.
  • We provide 24/7 support and expert guidance to guarantee successful implementation

An out-of-the-box solution.
What's included in our Integrated Learning Approach?

  • Business simulation game
    Six rounds of gameplay. A typical round of our simulations takes between 90 minutes and two hours to complete, but the length of the simulation can be varied to suit your needs.
  • Educator Course Materials
    A complete off-the-shelf teacher’s kit with a wide variety of teaching materials, educator slide decks, exercises, videos, and more!
  • Mastering the Supply Chain Textbook
    The Fresh Connection is available with textbook. This textbook integrates theory and practice and aims to create a cross-functional mindset in both students and practitioners.
  • Expert Guidance
    Support from an Education Associate before and during the course (in the local language) to guarantee successful implementation.
  • 24/7 technical Support
    Our technical experts are always on standby!
  • Educator Certification
    In-depth ‘Train the Trainer’ Educator workshop to become certified. Self-paced or (online) workshop to integrate our business game(s) successfully in your curriculum.

Delivery formats

Delivery is usually done by the lecturer but can also be outsourced to one of our highly experienced trainers. We provide you with the knowledge, support, and materials needed to successfully launch your course. Delivery of the business simulation games can be tailored to your specific learning objectives and your individual time constraints.

Our business games delivered your way!

Our web-based simulation games can be offered in many ways. All the student teams can be in one room and compete against each other, or they can be in different continents and still interact through the simulation, for example, with the between-rounds learning delivered in a webinar environment.

A typical round in any of our business games takes between 90 minutes and two hours to complete, but the length of the simulation can be varied to suit your needs.

Training format examples are:

  • Compact: A one-day simulation, with three rounds and a short feedback interval between each round.
  • Intensive: A full week program, consisting of six rounds on different levels, combined with exercises and lectures.
  • Semester course: A weekly or biweekly schedule of rounds combined with lectures, reading material and exercises. Designed to fit into a wider curriculum.

Our serious games are the world’s leading business simulation games in the field of Value Chain Management. Discover the power of experiential learning yourself!

“This game is more rich and complete than any other game I have seen.” Finn Wynstra
PhD NEVI Professor of Purchasing & Supply Management, Rotterdam School of Management

Certificate of Participation for students

Students have the option to receive a verifiable Certificate of Participation, after completing the final round of the business game. The certificate is personalized with name, date, and a unique verification code. With one click the certificate can be downloaded as a PDF and/or added to their LinkedIn profile.

This is a great way for students to showcase their training on their CV!

How to Get Started?


Trial-Run - FREE

Experience one round of one of our business games for free! Watch the instruction video and explore the game at your own convenience. Request your free trial!

Demo Tour – FREE

Would you rather interact and ask questions? Explore any of our business simulations while also receiving guidance from our experienced trainers. Schedule your demo-tour!

Get started with our Pilot program – Only for first time users!

Join our pilot program and enjoy a wide variety of benefits. Create a highly interactive course of up to 25 students with the simulation of your choice. It’s suitable for students at any level. Enjoy 24/7 expert guidance and all additional support benefits. Additionally, get a guaranteed spot in the Global Qualification Rounds of the Global Student Challenge for your best team.

Now available at a 40% discount! Interested? Request your pilot program now and claim your discount.


Train the Trainer - FREE Online or face-to-face training

Get in-depth training on one of our busines simulation games and become a certified educator. You will develop a comprehensive understanding of the game and will be empowered to facilitate it in your course.


Expert Guidance from an Education Associate

You will be connected to one of our Education Associates who are experienced educators who will help you with implementation in your course.

Kick off a new engaging course

We have an extensive range of teaching materials available. There is a full (online) course package available, including PowerPoints, teaching cases, videos, and much more for you to design your desired course.

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