The EdTech Revolution in Higher Education

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Jumping on the bandwagon of game-based learning 

All Inchainge Connect 2022 webinar recordings can be watched for free in the webinar section of our website.


Revolutions spark from the need for an end and the beginning of something new. Breaking out of a prior delusion that technology will never impact education, today – thanks to the advancement in game-based learning – digital education is a worldwide phenomenon. Inchainge has been an integral part of this phenomenon and as we continue to welcome educators, topic experts, and thought leaders we are all set to kick off Inchainge Connect 2022.  

On March 30, 2022, we will navigate the EdTech revolution alongside some world-renowned experts in a fully-packed 16-hour program. With 25 years of experience as a researcher, author, and educator, Prof. Dr. Sara de Freitas will present “Game over for education as we know it”, covering six main trends in education including a sectoral move to blended learning. Focusing on students’ engagement, this presentation will take educators on a journey from traditional to the future of education, with tips on designing your curriculum for experiential learning. As we seek to engage the digital-native Gen Z, game-based learning will be a crucial tool for the design of learning and delivery of knowledge.   

Prof. Dr. Sara de Freitas is a thought leader in the field of game-based learning and recognized as one of the most Influential Women in Technology. An educator, author, researcher and public speaker with twenty-five years in education

Press play for Serious Gaming 

Inchainge has earned a reputation, in the world of serious gaming, for offering the most advanced business simulation games worldwide. We took a sound approach by keeping sustainability in focus to potentially impact and inspire coming generations. And honestly, we have realized that reality is far more complex, ill-defined, and dynamic in nature. Whether ecological, social, or technological the changes affecting that reality are rapid and sporadic. It is important to understand what the future might be, how we can learn and adapt to it.  

To steer through it, we need the knowledge of someone who is well-aware of the changes. Our keynote speaker, Prof. Dr. Ivo Wenzler will address in his expert take, “What Serious Gaming is and why we should care”. The presentation will simultaneously dive into what the key areas are for future research if we want to increase the societal impact of serious gaming. Prof. Dr. Wenzler is a professor of serious gaming at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences with 2 decades of developing and implementing change.  

Prof. Dr. Ivo Wenzler is a Serious Gaming Professor at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences The topic of his presentation is "What is serious gaming and why should we bother?"

Lessons from the past, for the future 

When creativity, intelligence, and fun intersect, adapting and living with any kind of revolution becomes a new opportunity to explore. Our keynote speaker, bestselling author Dr. Eveline van Zeeland will explore the core of this intersection that is foiled in curiosity, imagination, and experimentation in her presentation “The Neuroscience of Game-based Learning”. This, too, is exactly what forms the basis of game-based learning by taking the primary value from the likes of Einstein, da Vinci, and Gaudi.  

Jumping back and forth in time, this presentation will address how educators can apply the methodology of said historical superheroes to game-based learning while safeguarding the human in the era of EdTech. 

Eveline van Zeeland has a PhD in neuroscience - industrial marketing. She is also a best-selling author

Designing the blueprint for a thriving future 

Reflecting on 35 years of sustainable development, our keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser will be presenting his new book: “Thriving – the breakthrough movement to regenerate nature, society, and the economy”. As one of the world’s top 10 most influential faculty thinkers and top 100 sustainability leaders, Prof. Dr. Visser will address whether we are closer or further away from regenerating nature, society, and the economy by focusing on 4 main issues. First, how the science of thriving helps us understand global systems change. Second, how innovation happens on the journey to thriving. Third, how companies can practically implement thriving. Lastly, what leadership looks like in a world transitioning to thriving.  

Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser is one of the world's Top 10 most influential faculty thinkers and a top 100 sustainability leader. Author of the up-and-coming book 'Thriving: the breakthrough movement to regenerate nature, society, and the economy'

Putting customers front and center on the circular journey 

On our way to thriving and circularity, there are more elements at play than just resources and materials. Steering away from this approach, our next speaker, Dr. Julia Wolny, will address the role of customer experience design and its market consequences during her presentation “Designing Responsibility into Circular Expenses”. With her expertise as a professor in Digital Innovation and Responsible Experience Design, Julia will explore three ways in which responsibility can be entrusted to customers and embedded in experience design. Namely, this can be done through communication, care, and optimization. 

Dr. Julia Wolny is a Professor in Digital Innovation and Responsible Experience Design at EADA Business School Barcelona and Director of the Postgraduate Program in Sustainable Transformation.

So what are you waiting for? 

Come for the insights, stay for the games, but leave with actionable plans!  

Most importantly, Inchainge Connect 2022 gives you the tools to reinvent your curriculum for maximum engagement through timely, relevant content.  

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All Inchainge Connect 2022 webinar recordings can be watched for free in the webinar section of our website.

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