‘Mastering the Circular Economy’ book is now available in Spanish!

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It is an exciting day for us! We have struck two milestones. Firstly, we are elated to announce that Prof. Ed Weenk’s book, co-authored by Rozanne Henzen, on ‘Mastering the Circular Economy’, is now available in Spanish. Titled ‘Economía circular: Un enfoque práctico para transformar los modelos empresariales’, the book introduces us to the concept of circular economy and its exciting evolution as a business model. The Spanish counterpart is published by Marge Books and edited by David Soler Garcia.

A book cover of the Spanish edition of Mastering the Circular Economy and a selfie with Ed Weenk, the author of the book, and Inchainge team

Secondly, Prof. Ed Weenk and Rozanne Henzen have been awarded the Logisnet Award 2022 by ICIL at SIL Barcelona, which recognizes their significant contribution to keeping the logistic industry at the forefront of the Global Economy.  

MSc, PD eng Ed Weenk's picture with Logisnet Award 2022 and his quote: "It's always a great pleasure to receive recognition for something that you worked on with a lot of dedication and care, so this award is a very enjoyable moment. I hope it will help to create some extra attention for the important and relevant topic of the Circular Economy."

About the book

This book addresses multi-dimensional aspects of circular economy which integrates theory, best practices, exercises, case studies, the application of experiential learning, and a look into the future. This makes it helpful for both professionals who are at the forefront of a circular transition, and higher education students who are about to begin their journey towards a circular future.

Although the idea of circularity might sound easy and exciting, in reality, it is a serious challenge when it comes to applying it. This is the reason why the book also provides insights into the various strategies which can help businesses embrace circular economy by the application of a business game. In this part of the book, readers can pull together everything they have learned in the previous chapters and get an understanding of how the concepts play out in the real world by guiding them through application in the online circular business game The Blue Connection. This gives the readers the scope for trial-and-error allowing them to realize the strategic and operational consequences of the circular economy.  

Congratulations on this great milestone to the author’s Ed Weenk and Rozanne Henzen, and collaborator Noah Schaul. Also to the ones who made this happen Mariana Leiva and Corine van der Sloot from Inchainge,  Wouter Nalis from Floot, as well as David Soler, his editor Núria and his team from Marge Books.  


Given that the book throws light on several important topics on circularity, we invite you to check it out. You can learn more about the Spanish version “Economia Circular” here and the English version “Mastering the Circular Economy” here. Don’t forget to share this highly acclaimed book with your peers and colleagues!