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Inchainge’s mission is to support a more sustainable and inclusive world. Every professional has the chance to understand and improve value chains. Our learning solutions touch on core value chain topics and are designed to stimulate alignment across disciplines.

Feel free to contact us at: info@inchainge.com if you have any questions. Our inbox is monitored daily, and we will get back to you as soon as possible during working hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Training Details (8)

Can the training be done online/face-to-face/hybrid?
How many people can participate in training?
If I organize training with Inchainge, whom should I target within my company?
Can the training setup, content, and format be tailored/changed?
How long does the training last?
Who facilitates the training?
Can I include the training in a company event/annual program?
My company doesn’t have training experience; can you help me set up the program?

Experiential Learning (5)

What is experiential learning?
What are the benefits of experiential learning?
What is a business simulation game?
What is a round and how does it work?
What topics do you cover?

Learning Solutions (1)

How do I choose the best learning solution(s) for my company?

Free trials and events (2)

I want more extensive experience with business simulation games before I decide. What are my options?
Can I join an event to experience your approach?

Training Partnership (2)

Can I use the business simulations games as part of my company's training and consulting portfolio?
How do I become an Inchainge Training Partner?

My question is not in the FAQ; how can I contact you? (1)

My question is not in the FAQ; how can I contact you