The winners of the Global Educator Challenge 2021 spring edition

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About The Global Educator Challenge 

For the first time after five years, Inchainge organized the Global Educator Challenge 2021 for certified teachers of The Fresh connection from all around the globe. In teams of four, participants had the chance to compete against each other for the champion title. Held at the same time as the  Global Pro Challenge, the Global Educator Challenge started on Monday, April 19th and lasted 6 weeks. Every 2 weeks a new round of the business game was played, which made a total of 3 rounds game-play. Last week, the last round was played, meaning we can finally announce the winners!

The theme of this year’s edition: Supply Chain Resilience.

Teams who joined the 2021 challenge had to face a specific setup in The Fresh Connection in which they had to manage a supply chain in a way that it was prepared for the unexpected. In other words: Could they mitigate black swans under time pressure, be the fastest to recover, and get back to a stable situation? A more intense setup than usual, but that’s why it’s called a challenge after all! 

This challenge was a great way for certified educators to learn about new functionalities of The Fresh Connection but also learn from other educators from around the globe, learn new ways of teaching, and new ways of understanding the game.

The Fresh Connection

The Fresh Connection is a cross-functional business simulation game focused on Value Chain Management. The business game challenges its participants to implement an effective supply chain strategy for a (virtual) manufacturer of fruit juices faced with declining performance.

The Fresh Connection is versatile and can be used for courses of varying complexity and at all levels of higher education so students can develop their hard- and soft skills. Additionally, it can be used for in-company trainings to help foster cross-functional alignment and highlight the importance of Strategic Value Chain Management.

A very international edition

We had the pleasure of welcoming educators from 20 different countries in the Global Educator Challenge 2021 Spring Edition:

Australia Indonesia
Belgium Ireland
Brazil Peru
Canada South Africa
Colombia Spain
Cuba Switzerland
Denmark The Netherlands 
Ecuador The United States
France Turkey
Germany United Kingdom

The winners are…

After 6 weeks of the Global Educator Challenge 2021, it’s finally time to announce the winners. Congratulations to all of the participants!

1st place : Team 13

From Peru, South Africa and Germany.

  • Gustavo Escudero
  • Joubert van Eeden
  • Shrihari Gubbi
  • Soenke Kuehl
  • Marc Schmidt

2nd Place : Team 1 

From France

  • Thomas Denis
  • Nicolas Vandeput
  • Yves REHBY
  • Riquier Duprez

3rd Place : Team “Just for fun”

From Turkey, Belgium, Germany and Taiwan

  • Şeyda SerdarAsan
  • Patrick Willems
  • Stanislav Chankov
  • Herman T. Lai

The Award Ceremony took place on the 4th of June and we had such a nice time sharing time moments with all the participants. 

Personal Experience of the participants

Experience of Jan Pixteren from the Netherlands: 

‘I’m very happy to be part of this initiative. It was not easy to find dedicated time together to analyze, discuss, check…within the TFC challenge. As you can see on the picture hereunder it was a true global collaboration and yes we’ve spoken two common languages: English (yeah, right) and Supply Chain (it makes no difference where you are on Earth), Thanks for being part of that (only smiling faces)”

Experience of Gustavo Escudero from Peru team winner of the Global Educator Challenge : 

“Our team brought together educators from four continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Each of us with different backgrounds and experiences. We all understood that this was a team effort. From that, it is pretty clear that there is no room for ego or silo thinking. This, plus the early definition of roles and rules of interaction, made it possible for the team to perform well from the beginning. Time differences and remote coordination were challenging but both the use of remote collaboration tools (Zoom, WhatsApp and emails) and the user-friendliness of the simulation platform facilitated the experience.”


If you are interested in participating in the next edition of The Global Educator Challenge, you can learn more and register here!


If you would like to become a certified educator/trainer of The Fresh Connection in order to participate in the next edition, you can check out our upcoming Train the Trainers on our event page.