Introducing our Newest Learning Solution: Product-as-a-Service Powered by The Blue Connection

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“We are incredibly excited to launch our new Product-as-a-Service learning solution powered by The Blue Connection,” expressed Michiel Steeman, Managing Partner of Inchainge. “This innovative tool offers a unique, hands-on experience with the PaaS model, enabling both students and professionals to grasp the essential principles of the circular economy. By immersing learners in real-world scenarios, we are empowering the next generation of leaders to drive sustainable innovation and create lasting environmental impact. 

What is PaaS?

In a world where traditional business methods often lead to waste and environmental harm, the circular economy offers a better way forward. Instead of the usual “take, make, waste” approach, the circular economy emphasizes reusing and recycling resources to reduce our impact on the planet. 

At the heart of this shift is the Product-as-a-Service model. With PaaS, people pay for the use of a product rather than owning it outright. Companies take care of maintenance and upgrades, while customers get the benefits without the hassle. 

Powered by the circular business game, The Blue Connection, students and professionals can now experience the opportunities and challenges of transitioning to a PaaS model in a risk-free, hands-on learning environment.  

Why PaaS? Driving Circular Economy Growth 

PaaS is leading the charge in the circular economy movement. By 2030, it’s estimated to be worth a staggering $4.5 trillion. More and more companies are adopting PaaS models, offering products through subscription services or pay-as-you-go plans. 

To help learners understand and implement this exciting model, our learning solution provides a risk-free virtual environment where they can explore the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to PaaS. 

For higher education 

Higher education institutions can integrate this learning solution into their curriculum to effectively equip their students with practical skills and insights essential for navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape.  

By immersing students in this interactive and hands-on experience focused on PaaS and circular economy principles, institutions can empower future leaders to drive sustainable innovation, meet evolving consumer demands, and contribute to a more resilient and environmentally conscious economy.  

For companies:  

Companies can incorporate this learning solution into their in-company training programs to enhance their employees’ understanding and application of sustainable business practices.  

Noah Schaul, our Director of Corporate Training, expressed his enthusiasm: “X as a Service is probably the hottest topic for companies these days when it comes to circularity strategies. At its surface PAAS sounds simple: offering our product as a service. Once it comes to implementation, companies quickly realize that the potential is huge, but that it impacts almost every part of their business and supply chain. Our PAAS training module lets companies experience the business modem transition and understand the impact on costs, revenues, circularity, operations, customers, etc. Many of our customers call it a truly eye-opening experience”. 

This training solution helps companies stay competitive, meet sustainability goals, and drive long-term growth by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and environmental responsibility. 

Getting Started is Simple! 

This learning solution is perfect for higher education institutions and organizations looking to embrace circular value chain strategies. Read all about this learning solution and schedule a free demo today to see how our interactive learning solution can help bridge the gap between theory and practice.  

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