The supply chain Olympics was a fantastic experience for viewers and participants!

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The Global PRO Challenge and its Final have been around for 12 years. However, this year was more than just an exciting experience for participants. We opened our doors to the world and live-streamed the Global PRO Final. Hans Kremer, Partner at Inchainge, discussed various topics around value chain management with five keynote speakers (live) at our headquarters in De Bilt, Netherlands.


What is the Global PRO Final?

Every year, hundreds of corporate teams worldwide learn about supply chain management with our business simulation game. This can be during in-company or public trainings. Participating teams are engaged through experiential learning, storytelling, and competition because they do not only learn by doing but are also ranked based on their performance. The ensemble of those trainings is what we call the Global PRO challenge. The best teams from the trainings we organize worldwide are invited for the Global PRO Final. A staggering 47 teams worldwide participated in the Global PRO Final. These teams represented 31 companies across 19 countries.


Our new concept creates value for both the participants and viewers

This is the first time this 12-year-old (!) flagship event is live-streamed for viewers and supporters worldwide. We combined the complex and challenging learning experience the finalists go through in The Fresh Connection with insights from top keynote speakers. These speakers spoke about their experience and linked it to the trade-offs from within the game, how they see them in their work environment, and what they do to overcome them.


We reshaped the Global PRO Final to share the knowledge and experience of our community of value chain leaders with the world. Five thought leaders shared exciting insights on the hottest topics in Supply Chain Management – it was incredible to have them here with us and part of this final. – Noah Schaul, Director of corporate training at Inchainge


Over the course of four days, the finalists had to go through a highly complex setup of The Fresh Connection while their supporters and viewers could learn about the hottest topics in Supply Chain Management: E2E Supply Chain Management, S&OP, Supply Chain Resilience, and Sustainability.

  • “How do you develop and sustain a sound S&OP process?” with Jonathon Karelse, CEO of NorthFind Management, and Hans van der Drift, Partner of Involvation
  • “How do we make a supply chain resilient enough for times of uncertainty?” with Beata Wandachowicz-Krason, Director of Organon
  • “How do we build and improve the end-to-end supply chain?” with Willem Vesters, Group Procurement of Liberty Global
  • “How do we create more sustainable supply chains?” with Frans Pannekoek, former COO of Tony Chocolonely


Third Harbor Engineering Co – winner of the Global PRO 2022!

We congratulate the winners of the Global PRO Final 2022: Third Harbor Engineering Co and China Harbour Engineering Company from China, who took first and second place. Hitachi Transport System took third place with an excellent ROI of 27.32%. The three best teams won an exclusive masterclass at Cranfield University, the world leader in management education and research for over 50 years. The masterclass is about sustainability in value chain management, and we wish the team members a very exciting learning experience!

Discover different learning solutions today for your in-company training

‘We develop value chain leaders’ is our mission which we genuinely believe in. With experiential learning – learning by doing – we’ll organize your ultimate learning experience customized to your business needs. Do you want to bring this innovative and engaging approach to your company and have the best teams come to the Global PRO Final? Let’s talk or stay updated for the next edition.