Global PRO Challenge and Cranfield join forces: Stellar Masterclass Reward for the top 3 teams

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Since its creation in 2011, the Global PRO Challenge and its Final have witnessed astonishing displays of supply chain strategies from the best of the best SCM professionals around the world. In the past years, at Inchainge, we have witnessed constant surprises, with champions coming from around the world: from Pakistan to Canada, from motivated individuals to global corporations. 

Honouring the prestigious tradition of the Global PRO Final, this year’s edition of the event is coming with glamorous ambitions, awaiting SCM all-stars to gather and compete for the title of The Fresh Connection World Champion 2022. In fact, the top 3 winning teams of the Global PRO Final 2022 will also get a unique, tailor-made masterclass on sustainability.

Rewards Global PRO Final November 2022 – Top 3 teams will win multi-day Masterclass on Sustainability live at Cranfield in the UK


The course will be co-designed by Inchainge and by Cranfield University’s renowned School of Management and its Centre for Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management (CLPSCM) who will also be delivering it.  

CLPSCM has an excellent, world-wide reputation, providing advanced teaching and research in the areas of agile and lean supply chains, procurement, interorganisational relationships, supply chain strategy, decision support systems, information systems, sustainability and circular economy, food and retail supply chains, simulation and modelling, and manufacturing supply chains. One of the longest-running centres in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the world, its staff members are thought leaders in their fields, closely aligned to business, and create significant impact for the companies they are working with. 

The course will cover the topic of sustainable supply chains. CLPSCM is renowned for being practice oriented and the masterclass will be a combination of theory and deep dives into best practices and showcases by thought leaders specifically selected by Cranfield for this masterclass. 

Afterwards, the winners will move on to the experimentation phase to apply the theory and concepts through the use of Inchainge’s brand-new business simulation game, The Triple Connection. This tool is a powerful applied learning experience on sustainability and on how to balance the 3Ps in a realistic virtual environment. All actions taken in this business game are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN. 



The Global PRO Final is organised by Inchainge B.V., creator and distributor of experiential learning solutions, powered by their four business games: The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection, The Blue Connection and recently launched The Triple Connection. Participants get the chance to enter a realistic business simulation and become the management team of a virtual company. As a team, they experience the impact of every decision they make, not only in their own functional “silo”, but across the entire company and its value chain. At the same time, their team is evaluated against the others and regularly debriefed.   

Inchainge’s work represents over a decade of constant development to provide the ultimate learning experience for developing today and tomorrow’s value chain leaders. 


Global PRO Finalists 2019 live event in Athens, Greece


 The Triple Connection 

 Take your sustainability knowledge to the next level by applying theory to practice: 

 The Triple Connection engages its participants in implementing a sustainable strategy for a virtual chocolate drink manufacturer. Participants are confronted with various real-life, real-time dilemmas. They are compelled to make decisions that are critical to maintain a fair balance between profitability and sustainability.  

To assist in the decision-making process, the game has set out actions that follow 13 out of 17 SDGs, Such as:  Gender Equality; Clean Water and Sanitation; Affordable and Clean Energy; Decent Work and Economic Growth; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. 

To add the flair of a real-world experience, The Triple Connection comes with the added element of a limited budget. This pushes participants to be more acute with their analysis. Alignment and strong cross-functional communications are key to setting the right priorities in place! 

 Some of the learning objectives: 

  • Internal and external alignment (Break down silos) 
  • How to prevent greenwashing by aligning ambition and realisation 
  • Translate a sustainable strategy into action 
  • Learn about sustainability trade-offs and priorities 
  • How to source in a sustainable manner 

And more…