Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge 2021: Developing Value Chain Leaders

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The Vietnam Logistics and Aviation School (VILAS) is one of the leading educational institutions in Vietnam. This year, for the first time, VILAS is exclusively organizing  the National Championship of the ‘Global Student Challenge’ which kicks off as the ‘Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge 2021 (VSCC 2021)’.

The ambition is to bring a new, unique and practical challenge to students from universities, colleges, and other educational institutions in Vietnam. Student teams will compete by using the world’s #1 SCM business game, The Fresh Connection. Only the top 10% teams of VSCC will progress to the Global Qualification Round (GQR) of the Global Student Challenge. Here they will compete against the most talented student teams from across the globe. Finally, the top 30% of the GQR teams will claim a spot in the online Global Final 2021 of the Global Student Challenge.

VILAS has an excellent track record of providing training sessions to students and professionals together with a good partner network in the field of Supply Chain & Logistics  using the business simulation games of Inchainge, such as The Fresh Connection.

Prize structure for Vietnamese teams:

  • National First Prize: Each member receives the VILAS voucher worth USD1,000 for the course “FIATA Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management (SCM)” with certificate of “Vietnam National Champion of Global Student Challenge – VIETNAM SUPPLY CHAIN ​​CHALLENGE 2021”
  • National Second Prize: Each member will receive the VILAS voucher worth VND4,000,000 for any courses of VILAS;
  • National Third Prize: Each member will receive the VILAS Voucher worth VND2,000,000 for any course of VILAS;
  • Global Qualification First Prize: Each member receives a Voucher worth USD2,000 for the Supply Chain Management course of VILAS and is the representative of Vietnam to attend the Global Final World Championship;
  • Global First Prize: Top best performing teams receive a total of €10,000 in cash from Inchainge and the Vietnamese Global Champion team received a full scholarship of VILAS SCM course worth USD3,000.

The story of the Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge 2021

Established in 2009, VILAS, was one of the first organizations to pioneer in developing Logistics and Supply Chain Training & -Education programs in Vietnam. With the cooperation of strategic partners, VILAS successfully laid the foundation for professional training of these fascinating professions.

There is a big and fast-growing demand for high-quality professionals who possess an end-to-end mindset and cross-functional alignment skills in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. As a result, there has been a significant increase of SCM programs appearing in Vietnam universities in recent years. To safeguard its place in the list of top universities in this field, VILAS is continuously looking to ensure a high-quality program. To attract top talent, VILAS is motivated to find new and innovative approaches of delivering their courses. The goal is to develop the next generation of Supply Chain Leaders!

VILAS – organizes the Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge to expand the students’ network in the field of Supply Chain & Logistics. The powerful concept of ‘learning by experience’ with a business game helps them to better understand the topic of supply chain operations in FMCG companies. This in contrast to the more theoretical approach in the academic world at universities. VILAS provides an attractive and competitive playground for Logistics – Supply Chain talents in Vietnam. As a partner of Inchainge, VSCC exclusively provides students the opportunity of competing in the Global Student Challenge, the #1 SCM student competition in the world.

Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge 2021 timeline:

  • 1/12/2020 – 31/12/2020: Team Submission
  • 01/01/2021 – 28/02/2021: Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge
  • 15/03/2021 – 02/04/2021: Global Qualification Round
  • 02/05/2021 – 08/05/2021: Online Global Final

Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge 2021 & The Amazing Numbers

Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge’s Operations:

VILAS organized a Webinar Information day on 12th December 2020 to introduce VSCC, GSC and TFC business platform to students. VILAS also has a team of mentors to support and train all groups of participants on the Fresh Connection and knowledge of Supply Chain. Furthermore, VILAS has a customer services team to support all groups with email confirmation, payment etc. via ZALO platform. The whole competition will last around 2 months then the best performing teams will be announced in a special event at the end of February.

Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge – Team Accepted!


Future President’s team ‘s from Ton Duc Thang University – The Partner of VILAS in applying the International FIATA Freight Forwarding Program for Business Administration’s students. Each member had many prizes in Vietnam Logistics competitions such as Vietnam Young Logistics Talents, Logistics Arena etc and now they are ready for VSCC 2021!


NTH+ is the only Fresher team that joined VSCC 2021. The NTH + team has youth and enthusiasm  to conquer VSCC 2021 and go global. Early experience with The Fresh Connection, NTH + will have many competitive advantages on the path of pursuing the passion of Supply Chain Management.


4Wunders is one of the few teams from the Northern Universities in Vietnam to attend VSCC 2021! This team includes 2nd – year, 3rd – year and final year students. This age diversity helps them to have different perspectives and make the right decisions in each department in The Fresh Connection business simulation game.


The attraction of VSCC is spreading not only in the North and the South of Vietnam but also reaching other countries around the world. The ATW team proved that wonder! The ATW’s members are from the UK, USA, Australia’ universities and the geographic distance is nothing when they are full of confidence to compete with other teams in the VSCC 2021 competition.


The difference of the Nirvana team is that they are a team made up of 4 students from different universities. Although the 4 girls of the Nirvana team do not know each other from before, they are still confident they will conquer the Championship and go straight to the Global Supply Chain Challenge.

Above are just the summaries of some teams among over 120 enthusiastic and passionate young supply chain talents joining in the Vietnam Supply Chain Challenge. In order to get these proud milestones, VILAS received huge support and empowerment from the Inchainge team which proves a strong partnership and common vision of inspiring young supply chain talents in Vietnam.

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