PPA Business School welcomes The Blue Connection to Circular Economy Week

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In September, PPA Business school organized a special week around circular economy and cordially invited us to give a presentation about our circular business game, The Blue Connection. Of course, we accepted without hesitation! Our Global Director Education, Corine van der Sloot, and Education Advisor for French-speaking areas, Nina Bliah-Gil embarked on the Thalys from Amsterdam and traveled to Paris.  Read all about our collaboration with PPA and our participation in the circular economy week!


Collaboration with PPA Business School

First of all, a big thank you to our French partners AfrSCM for introducing us to PPA Business School! For a few years now, we have been working together with PPA. They have been using our business games, The Fresh Connection, and The Cool Connection, in their business courses.  Therefore, when they invited us to present The Blue Connection to their students, we saw it as a great opportunity to finally see each other after 2 years due to the COVID situation!

PPA Special Week on Circular Economy

PPA Business School organized a special week filled with multiple workshops and presentations around Circular Economy for their master’s students specialized in Supply Chain Management.

Corine and Nina were warmly welcomed on Friday 17th by Valerie Basmoreau and Catherine Karim at PPA. On this day, Corine and Nina gave a 3-hour experience session of The Blue Connection to 70 students. They introduced the circular business game followed by a voting session. Throughout the session, they carried out a small quiz using Mentimeter (an online tool for the audience to vote through a phone) to see if the students understood the concepts of the business game.

“We had a very nice time there. We had the opportunity to network with new educators which we engaged into various topics. The feeling of meeting educators in real, face to face felt very nice after such a long time. Nothing beats presenting our business games to a real-life audience. We were really happy to be invited by PPA Business School to participate during their circular economy week. It  definitely strengthened our relationship. It’s always a pleasure helping out educators who are changing their teaching methods by using an integrated learning approach with the use of experiential learning and business simulation games.”

Nina Bliah-Gil, Education Advisor for French-speaking areas

Voting Session with The Blue Connection

The voting session consisted of a presentation with basic concepts and questions to vote on relating to the business game, The Blue Connection. Additionally, it included three rounds of The Blue Connection to simulate the impact of the chosen actions.

During this interactive session, Corine and Nina went over the VP roles of the business game superficially. They asked around 2-3 questions per role and provided all the information needed for the students to answer and to stimulate discussion. It was a very interesting and successful session. Thank you to all the students who participated and engaged with us!

Discover The Blue Connection

Interested in discovering the Blue Connection? Join one of our upcoming experience sessions. During these 1-hour sessions, you will:

  • Discover the power of experiential learning
  • Introduction to business game, The Blue Connection (interactive)
  • Which circular strategies can be followed in the business game
  • Understand the game setup and dynamics
  • How does it fit into a module on circular economy?

Check out the upcoming dates in our event overview!