Mastering the Supply Chain: Now available in Japanese!

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We are excited to announce that the Japanese version of Ed Weenk MSc, PDEng’s book ‘Mastering the Supply Chain: Principles, Practice, and Real-life applications’ has been officially published and placed in major book stores in Japan. The book, published by Doyukan on April 13, 2022, was translated to Japanese by Ayako Kawai, Takamichi Hosoda, Akikiro Nakatsuka, Tomoyuki Kobayashi, Keiichi Yamamoto, and others 

A picture of a Japanese edition of Mastering the Supply Chain book on a bookshelf

Picture: taken at a famous book store, Maruzen, in front of Tokyo Station.

Mastering the Supply Chain book consists of two main parts: 

  • Firstly, an introduction to supply chain management where the reader learns about the principles 
  • Secondly, the practical part deals with how we can control a supply chain in a changing situation where stakeholders depend on each other. This part is combined with our business simulation game, The Fresh Connection, to explain the practical aspects of supply chain management.  

‘Mastering the Supply Chain’ integrates theory with practice while aiming to create a cross-functional mindset by giving its readers an overview of what involves in a supply chain. It looks at some relevant points such as what happens when companies break out of silos and function as one whole. The book also showcases an interactive demonstration of the business simulation game, the Fresh Connection which aims to give participants an idea about a life-like supply chain system.  

Some of the key points that the book covers, as well as that, are weaved into the Fresh Connection, focusing on what should be consistently considered in the context of corporate management. It also deals with aspects related to technical knowledge and leadership.  

This is definitely a very big milestone for us as we see the fruits of nearly a year-long project that involved an immense understanding of the subject. Not just to explain the concepts but to translate them into a whole different language.  

A big thanks to Tanji Hideaki, all at Hitachi Solutions, and of course Ed Weenk MSc, PDEngfor making this happen!  

You can get your own copy of the ‘Mastering the Supply Chain’ Japanese edition right here