virtual exchange program

Virtual Exchange Program

Making internationalization at home possible!

Students can now join the closest thing to a real-life international experience by expanding their horizons with the Virtual Exchange Program! The program brings students from different countries together in a digital environment. They get to learn about circular economy, develop their intercultural skills, and expand their international network.

What is the Virtual Exchange Program?

Due to lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, most of the students have been unable to go abroad and gain valuable international experience. To make internationalization at home possible, Windesheim University of Applied Science and Inchainge launched the Virtual Exchange Program in 2020.

The Virtual Exchange Program is an 8 week program which brings students from across the world together in a digital environment. This program is accredited 5 ECT’s by Windesheim University of Applied Science. This accreditation is based on the final evaluation of the program’s three main components:

to Circular Economy

Internationalisation & Intercultural Component (25%)

& Career

As the world is opening up, we are still committed to making opportunities for student exchange more accessible and inclusive. Stay tuned for more information about the next edition

Introduction to Circular Economy

The main goal of the Virtual Exchange Program is giving its participants an introduction to Circular Economy. The course is based on the world’s #1 circular business game, The Blue Connection. To take it to the next level, it incorporates the e-book Mastering the Circular Economy by Ed Weenk and Rozanne Henzen. This combination offers theory in a practical context with the use of experiential learning.

Throughout the exchange program, students are teamed up into groups of four with other students from foreign universities. In a virtual environment, they become executive heads of the Purchasing, Supply Chain, Sales and Finance departments of a virtual e-bike manufacturing company. Together with their team, they have to transition from a linear value chain to a circular one!

Developing Internationalization & Intercultural skills

Today, outstanding intercultural skills are crucial in a professional setting. During the Virtual Exchange Program, students are challenged to continuously evaluate and improve their intercultural skills. They will participate in weekly interactive sessions and group work to help them build a truly global career.

Networking & Career Development

The Virtual Exchange Program gives its participants the unique opportunity to expand their international network with students from across the globe, learn about different companies, and hear from inspiring speakers. This is done through weekly workshops and tutorials, allowing them to develop critical hard & soft skills (such as communication and team-work skills). We believe this international experience will give them a competitive advantage while transitioning to their professional life.

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