Managing Risk
to Global Supply Chains

Covid-19 Crisis

Case by
Ed Weenk PDEng
& Michiel Steeman PhD

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Managing Risk to Global Supply Chains


The Coronavirus outbreak has severely challenged global supply chains. As local disruptions take place, from manufacturing to distribution, entire supply chains are affected. The scale of these disruptions is tremendous, with 75% of all U.S. businesses experiencing supply chain issues, according to Fortune’s latest estimates. How can these disruptions be avoided in future crises, and how do we respond to acute problems within the value chain?

Case Description

Dive into the online game ‘The Fresh Connection’ together with your students for an immersed case study on Risk Management.

In ‘The Fresh Connection’, students are challenged with a Corona-related supply chain issue: a juice company that struggles to source its Vitamin C from China. Accompanied by a Harvard-style Teaching Case, students are challenged to come up with recommendations to solve the issue. The learning outcome is for students to have an understanding of Risk Management principles.

What’s included in this online teaching case?

  • Harvard-style Teaching Case on Risk Management and Covid-19
  • Access for both students and teachers to the interactive online game ‘The Fresh Connection’ (watch only)
  • Class discussion points
  • Comprehensive teaching notes
  • Introduction video about ‘The Fresh Connection’.
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