10 years of developing Value Chain Leaders

Who have we worked with over the past decade?

We live in a VUCA world: A world in which we must deal with ever growing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Strong value chain leaders are needed to organize our changing world in times of environmental, societal and political uncertainties.

We have set our mission as developing value chain leaders, because we believe that this way we have the biggest impact on reshaping the way we develop the leaders of today and tomorrow!

We develop value chain leaders in both the corporate and the education sector! The key to successful development, we believe, is breaking down organizational silos. By making value chain leaders go through an experience in a team, they will leave with better understanding, critical skills development and above all: alignment.

Our business simulation games provide this opportunity of experiential learning. They are being used across all continents, at more than 700 universities and in many of the world’s biggest companies.

This of course has not always been that way. Success, trust, and a global presence take time, passion, and persistence to be built. Have a look at this article to join us for a throwback in our history!

Our corporate track record: There are not many big multinationals we have not been in touch with!

We work with multinationals who run complex value chains, with SME’s who are building or part of a value chain, and other stakeholders of complex systems or projects, where alignment and value chain management are key.

We have worked together with our clients to develop:

  • regular one-off trainings for very specific learning outcomes
  • multiple day or week programs
  • continuous learning and development programs
  • training internal trainers for a long-term partnership

Over the course of the years we have thereby built a track record of hundreds of companies from all over the world. To support global delivery we have developed a partner network which today counts over 50 corporate partners across the globe. Our global network provides us with the capacity to deliver training and consulting activities with our business simulations in every region of the world and in more than 15 languages.

Together with our partner network, we have established ourselves among the market leaders in Value Chain Management. We achieve this with our extended portfolio of business simulation games:

  1. The Fresh Connection – Value Chain Management
  2. The Cool Connection – IBP & working capital
  3. The Blue Connection – Circular Economy transition

Some key facts about our corporate track record. We worked with:

  • 40% of the top 100 manufacturing businesses (Fortune)
  • 50% of Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25
  • 40% of Global top 10 of 3rd Party Logistics Providers
  • A total of more than 800 companies globally

Our education track record

What works for professionals also works for students. Having students go through our simulations prepares them for the labor market and lets them go through valuable experiences which will be useful in their job positions later on. The possibility to change the level of complexity of our simulations, enables us to serve everyone from first year bachelor- to top level MBA-students and from young professional to C-level executives!

Business games are often described as more engaging, immersive, true to life and effective than classical course setups.

The success of programs into which our business games have been integrated, has led to a continuous growth of universities we serve. This was due to the excellent work of our partners, our education associates and ourselves, and for a substantial part to word of mouth.

The result after 10 years:

  • More than 700 universities worldwide have been using the business games as part of their curricula
  • We have built a global network of education associates to support professors in multiple regions across the world and in various languages
  • Many of our clients have over the years developed into loyal business relations after experiencing the power of experiential learning. We can count many of our clients as our fans and true ambassadors of our business simulations and they are the pillars of our work.

Our track record speaks for itself and it proves that experiential learning with immersive business games is a proven concept. It exemplifies that experiential learning is powerful, contagious, and necessary!

Getting here was quite a journey and we believe and hope that we still have a long way ahead of us.

A big thank you to all our clients, fans, partners, education associates, ambassadors, and everyone else involved who helped us build this all.

After all these years we state with confidence and pride: We are Inchainge – We develop value chain leaders!

And we will keep doing so – Our next steps will be

  • to further establish our market authority in value chain management
  • to build on this network to grow in the fields of IBP, Working Capital and the Circular Economy
  • providing state of the art business games so that value chain leaders across the world are prepared the face the challenges of the VUCA world we live in

Next up will be a new release of The Blue Connection as well as a revamped version of The Cool Connection, with one variation focusing on IBP and one variation focusing on Working Capital.

Stay tuned!

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We hope to see you soon!