Global PRO Challenge 2020

Global PRO Challenge 2020

The year 2020 was a very different year for all of us, in our professional, as well as in our personal lives. The way we lived and the way we worked dramatically changed, almost overnight. In recent decades most of us had already experienced how the internet played an ever-growing role in our daily work, how it provided business opportunities and how it connected us. However, in 2020 we were fall forced to do a digital leapfrog, since without the internet work and life practically became impossible.

Needless to say, the Global PRO Challenge (GPC) and its flagship event the Global PRO Final (GPF) followed suit. The Challenge rounds themselves have been online since the start of the GPC in 2011. However, the preceding public training workshops that are mostly face-to-face, now also went online, as did the 2020 Global PRO Final. Instead of getting together in an urban far away destination, we went to the digital surroundings of VirBELA.

All in all, more than 1,200 value chain professionals registered for this tenth edition of The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge. These professionals were representing hundreds of companies and tens of countries. As said most of them first took part in remote public training sessions. From there they continued with the Global PRO Challenge rounds, working tirelessly to qualify for the Global PRO Final. In the end 20 teams made the cut and they came together in VirBELA to compete to be the best, win a grand prize and last but not least, eternal glory.

Final rounds were played spread across 4 days. In time blocks of 2 hours in the CEST afternoon – so APAC teams could join in the early evening and Americas’ in the early morning – the 20 finalist teams competed fiercely. The winner of The Fresh Connection Global Final 2020 was a team from China, made up from individual professionals and calling themselves China PROs. They emerged as the best team overall end earned the title of TFC Global PRO Final Champion 2020.

The China PROs team members:

  • Chen Biao
  • Jiong Dai
  • 龙护 周
  • 文雪 刘

Runner up was Avon from Poland. And 2nd runner up was Whirlpool from India. The whole ranking can be found in the table below.

   COUNTRY  TEAM  Weighted ROI
1  China China PROs 26.0%
2  Poland Avon 22.7%
3  India Whirpool 13.9%
4  United Nations MIT (edX)  
5 Japan Hitachi Transport Systems  
6  Turkey Diversey  
7 The Netherlands Qando  
8 France LVMH  
9 Japan Hitachi R&D  
10 Singapore Infosys  
11 Russia Whirpool  
12 APAC Coca-Cola  
13 France Essilor  
14 Turkey BriSA  
15 Poland Beiersdorf  
16 Canada Medtronic  
17 Italy Quin  
18 India Abbott  
19 USA Caterpillar  
20 Czechia SCHOTT