Technical University of Wildau is one of the first universities to integrate Data Analytics with The Fresh Connection

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After the summer, Inchainge introduced to the market the highly demanded learning solution of Data Analytics with The Fresh Connection. This off-the-shelf solution offers the possibility to master your data skills by learning to read, work, analyze, and argue data. In October, our Global Director of Education, Corine van der Sloot visited Technical University of Wildau, as they would be one of the first universities to integrate this learning solution into a course. Continue reading this article to discover all about our collaboration with TH Wildau and one of the first experiences with Data Analytics in higher education.

Collaboration with TH Wildau

Inchainge has collaborated now for years with Prof. Dr. -Ing. Gaby Neumann from the Technical University of Wildau. She has been a great ambassador for experiential learning with The Fresh Connection ever since. This year, she wanted to take it even further by integrating the newest learning solution of Data Analytics with The Fresh Connection in one of the electives within the Logistics Bachelor Program at TH Wildau. This was successfully done with the close collaboration of Prof. Jens Wollenweber.

Data Analytics with The Fresh Connection

In October, Professors Gaby and Jens executed the Data Analytics course and invited our Global Director of Education, Corine van der Sloot to be present. The participating students first played three rounds of supply chain business game, The Fresh Connection to understand the virtual company, its functionalities, and its characteristics before diving into data analytics.

Then, they learned how to clean, explore, and combine larger datasets in a structured way. For this, they received a messy data set to work with. They then analyzed three different problems on several levels of complexity using dashboards. These dashboards were used at the end of the course to present the results. The recovered information after analyzing the data set was used afterward to make better strategic decisions in the following rounds of the business game. This creates the perfect combination to get a good level of business understanding, analysis, and use of data.

Corine was delighted with the invitation to take part on the last day of the course and received great feedback from the students. The students were highly enthusiastic about the exercises, the business game, and the fact that they could get more insights and practice into a topic that is gaining more and more important which is data analytics.

We applaud Prof. Dr. -Ing. Gaby Neumann and Prof. Jens Wollenweber for being frontrunners in their field and wish to extend a big thank you for sharing this experience!

Next Data Analytics Course – TH Wildau and Technical University of Habana

Furthermore, Gaby Neumann and education associate, Prof. Dr. Ing. Igor Lopes from Technical University of Habana (Universidad Tecnológica de la Habana) work closely together in a project called “Strengthening Competences of Industrial Engineers in Cuba for Sustainability and Responsibility in Supply Chains”.

Since 2018, these two universities have had an agreement on Academic Exchange and Co-operation, as Professors Gaby and Igor applied with DAAD for supporting Subject-Related Partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education in Developing Countries.

As part of this project, Professors Gaby and Igor join forces each year to give a Supply Chain Management course together, with both students from TH Wildau and Technical University of Habana. They are accustomed to using The Fresh Connection. However, they will be also running a joint Data Analytics course in the future for Cuban students.

Discover Data Analytics

If you are interested in knowing more about the Data Analytics learning solution with The Fresh Connection, please visit our web page. On this page, you can learn the importance of data analytics, the learning solution, the learning experience, and how to get started.