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Data Analytics

with The Fresh Connection

The importance of Data Analytics

The availability of data in companies is growing at an incredible pace.
The major challenge now is to use this data to make better and faster decisions. This requires not only the correct tooling but also people with the right skills!

Source: Jones, Ben. Data Literacy Fundamentals: Understanding the Power & Value of Data

To get a major competitive advantage, companies need people who can blend their business understanding with data skills. Which means, it has become highly essential for (future) professionals to attain this powerful skill in order to better interpret, associate and apply data.

“Data in the hands of a few data experts can be powerful but data at the fingertips of many is truly transformational” Brent Dykes
Author / Founder / Chief Data Storyteller at AnalyticsHero, LLC

Interesting statitics on data literacy:

Employees recognizing data in the workplace as an asset
Employees trust their decisions more when based on data
Employees are confident in their data literacy skills

Source: The Human Impact of Data Literacy – 2020 – Qlik, Accenture, Data Literacy Project. N=9.000

Learning Solution: Data Analytics

What better way to learn than with experiential learning?

With our data-analytics learning solution, you will master your data skills with the world’s leading business game in Value Chain Management, The Fresh Connection. Easily tailored for in-company trainings and universities!

This off-the-shelf solution consists of four modules:

Learning Objectives:

Learn to see the added value of data
Learn to select and combine (cross-functional) data in a meaningful way (work with)
Learn to analyze databases
Learn to design visual, meaningful dashboards (explain)
Learn to make the right decisisions based on the new insights

The Learning Experience

Phase 1

The course/training starts with understanding the business context by playing three rounds of the business game, The Fresh Connection in teams of four.

Phase 2

Followed by a learning module about how to read and consume data in a professional critical way, preventing the common pitfalls in behavioral economics.

Phase 3

The next module is focused on working with data. How to clean, explore, and combine larger datasets in a structured way. A practical application immediately follows with the analysis of a messy dataset of the virtual manufacturer, The Fresh Connection.

Phase 4

In the ‘analyze’ module, the real data analytics work needs to be done. A set of assignments on several levels of complexity, such as the creation of a dashboard, will be handled by the learners.

Phase 5

In the ‘arguing’ module, the learners will present the results to an audience. How to create a compelling storyline with data analysis at hand?

Phase 6

The course finishes with the application of the findings in the business simulation game, The Fresh Connection. Of course, it will be concluded with an evaluation of the resulting business performance.

How to get started?

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you as a trainer or educator will need to follow our data-analytics training with The Fresh Connection.

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