Product reveal: The Triple Connection & Expert Panel on Juggling the 3Ps

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Summary of the webinar:

We were thrilled to reveal our newest business simulation game, the Triple Connection, during Inchainge Connect Educator Conference 2022. Our co-founder Egge Haak, who comes with years of experience in Supply Chain Management, revealed the Triple Connection for the first time ever! 

Egge emphasized that the Triple Connection is “all about sustainability”. Even as a company it is a big step for us towards a more sustainable future.  

The Triple Connection pulls in relevant concepts such as the 3 Ps (People, Prosperity, and Planet). During the business simulation game, participants have to keep in mind these 3Ps while building their sustainable strategy for a virtual milk chocolate manufacturer.  

About the Triple Connection 

During the reveal, Egge gave a thorough look into what the new business simulation game is about. The Triple Connection, being in the middle of the value chain, deals with all kinds of suppliers. Right from the farmers and processors upstream to retailers and consumers downstream. This gives the participants a holistic look into the value chain. Every decision that they make will have an impact across the value chain.  

Egge says, “We have to promise and then we have to realize.” 

Juggling the 3Ps (People, Prosperity, and Planet) 

Following the reveal, we were joined by Dr. Andrea Sordi, Dr. Denyse Julien, and Peter van Grinsven for an in-depth discussion about the key concepts used to capture sustainability in Value Chain Management. 

One of the interesting points which our panelists highlighted was how companies could inculcate sustainable practices. Whether that would involve a company-wide redo of departments or to create an entirely new department that is solely dedicated to sustainable management, became a debatable topic.  

According to Senior Agricultural Value Chain Expert, Peter van Grinsven, “Because sustainability is a complex matter it is hard for consumers and civil societies to know what to ask for.” He asserted that a department can only help with the company’s transition to sustainability. But to meet its long-term sustainable goals, the company has to relook at its model across all internal departments.  

At this point, Dr. Denys Julien (who is an Associate Professor in the Logistics, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management group at Cranfield University, UK) differed. She stated, “As consumers, we underestimate the power that we have. To drive change by the choices that we make.” She emphasizes that to ensure quality there has to be someone who is the driving force behind the sustainable transition, somebody who actually listens to the consumers’ collective voice. 

Dr. Andrea Sordi brought his experience as Academic Director of the Global Supply Chain Executive Program by mentioning, “Sustainability is becoming a must for organizations to have competitive advantages.” He considers that the 4 things that keep a company alive – consumers, employees, regulators, and investors, – are the things that will push the company towards sustainability.  

You can also learn more about the Triple Connection by visiting our webpage right here.