Product Reveal of New Sustainability Business Game | Expert Panel: Juggling the 3Ps

Wednesday, March 30th 2022

15:45 - 17:00, CEST (UTC+2)

Wherever you are... Online!

New Product Announcement

We are excited to present our newest business simulation game, The Triple Connection, to you! During our product announcement, you will also learn all about sustainability by zooming in on the challenges of managing sustainability trade-offs in all three ‘P’ pillars (People, Planet, Prosperity) with a limited budget.

To dive into this trending topic we are joined by our expert panelists Dr. Andrea Sordi, Dr. Denyse Julien, and Peter van Grinsven who will address some of the key concepts and frameworks currently used to capture sustainability in Value Chain Management. 

Juggling the 3Ps: How sustainability will impact Corporate Strategy & Value Propositions 

Although the 3Ps (People, Planet & Prosperity) – as concepts – have been around for quite some time, companies are yet to come to terms with their widespread application. However, on a parallel scale, there has also been immense development in companies actually considering the 3Ps in their long-term strategies. Our event is designed to open a forum where our experts not only address the complexities of decision-making but also talk about the importance of juggling the 3Ps and the impact on corporate strategy and value propositions. 

Sustainability into action with The Triple Connection 

Join us for an event where you don’t just dive into the theoretical aspect of juggling the 3Ps but enhance your knowledge through lively discussion with our expert panel. You will gain exclusive insights into how we gamified the complex sustainability trade-offs in a state-of-the-art business simulation game where professionals can experience how the triple bottom line could actually live up to its true intent. You will leave with inspiration on successfully tackling the sustainable transition and how you can bring it to life within your company with The Triple Connection. 

We are not only inviting an expert panel to clear the cloud around these concepts but are introducing a new business simulation game that is focused on sustainability in Value Chain Management, The Triple Connection, which will go live during Q3 of 2022 

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