Be one of the first to experience our newest sustainability business game, The Triple Connection!

Thursday, July 7th 2022

16:00 - 17:00, Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Wherever you are... Online!

After our great reveal we are excited to bring to you, for the VERY FIRST TIME, the chance to experience our latest business simulation game, The Triple Connection. The Triple Connection gives participants the unique opportunity to explore some dynamic aspects of sustainability, including the approach through the triple bottom line as well as considering the Sustainability Development Goals set out by the UN.  

In this one-hour session, participants will have the opportunity to: 

  • Discover the various features of the business simulation game 
  • Experience how decisions can impact every part of the value chain 
  • Learn how to get started with the Triple Connection

The session will be conducted by our co-founded Egge Haak who played a pivotal role in the development of the business simulation game.

About the Triple Connection

The Triple Connection engages its participants in implementing a sustainable strategy for a virtual chocolate milk manufacturer. Participants will be confronted with various real-life, real-time dilemmas. They will be compelled to make decisions that are critical to maintaining a fair balance between profitability and sustainability.  


To add the flair of a real-world experience, The Triple Connection comes with the added element of a limited budget. This pushes participants to be more acute with their analysis. Alignment and strong cross-functional communications are key to setting the right priorities in place! 


The Triple Connection finds its roots in the cacao industry and follows the path to create maximum value in its sustainable value chain of chocolate milk. This kind of value creation requires multiple high-level roles to align on the concept of the 3Ps: People, Planet, Prosperity! It also takes into consideration 13 out of 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. Meaning that participants also have to take into account the life-like consequences of every decision that they make. 

Some of the learning objectives of the business game are:

  • What kind of strategies can one use to create a sustainable value chain? 
  • How to prevent greenwashing by aligning ambition and realization 
  • How to source in a sustainable manner 
  • How to choose the right channels in relation to sustainable goals 
  • What are the trade-offs and priorities when it comes to sustainability? 

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