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The ultimate value chain experience

Innovative Supply Chain Management (SCM) is often central to commercial survival. Dive into the dynamics of Supply Chain Management, get to understand the importance of S&OP, learn how to negotiate Service Level Agreements, deal with shelf-life, safety stock, and much more...

Bridging the physical and financial supply chain

Experience how management of working capital is essential to a company's fundamental financial health. Learn how to shorten the Cash Conversion Cycle to boost bottom line. Get an understanding of SCF, deal with currency- and market risks, trade, and much more…

Transforming from a linear to a circular supply chain

Learn how to adopt a circular approach and transition away from a take-make-dispose linear production, towards business models that allow goods to be designed and produced for extended use, disassembly, reuse and recycling from the outset, and much more…

Experiential learning

Experiential learning is a powerful and proven approach which is an integral part of each simulation. Participants experience the functioning of the physical supply chain while having to deal with a wide variety of constraints. Cross-functional understanding and collaboration is directly experienced as the team members must work together to turn their virtual company around. Students who have experienced our simulations find it not only highly effective, but also experience lasting impact and long-term benefits.

The Learning Effect

How much do you retain when listening , seeing or experiencing?

Learning Cycle

Klabbers, The Magic Circle, Principles of Gaming & Simulation, 3rd Ed. 2009

Game setup

Game setup in a nutshell entails participants playing the online simulation in teams of 4 people; either virtually or in classroom setting. Each of the team members take up one of the four VP roles available in each simulation. The teams are challenged to manage a virtual company and consider corporate strategy and business objectives. Our simulations provide the ultimate learning experience using best practices from theory and real life.


“At RSM, we have been using The Fresh Connection simulation in our teaching for quite some time and in a variety of courses, and both students and teachers love it! Personally, I especially appreciate the detailed and realistic decision-making alternatives participants are facing with regards to sourcing.”
Prof. Dr. Finn Wynstra
Professor and NEVI Professor Purchasing and Supply Management,
Head of SCM section, Department of Technology & Operations Management
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
“The only time I have trouble getting my students out of the classroom is when we’re playing The Fresh Connection.”
Dr. Roberto Perez-Franco
Director, MIT Supply Chain Strategy Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)