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Become an Inchainge partner

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Becoming an Inchainge partner for our business games puts you inside our global partner network of over 70 certified training partners. Our network as well as our product portfolio of experiential learning tools will open up new business opportunities for you. To become a certified training partner, in-depth knowledge and experience in Value Chain Management (or other related topics) is a requirement. As well as having a track record and network in the corporate and/or academic market.

Join our global network

We are always interested in expanding our international network of certified training partners. As a certified training partner, you can market, sell and deliver trainings with our business simulations locally. You can become an Inchainge partner for one or more of our business simulations, depending on your area(s) of expertise, track record and your own preference.

Our partners have a high level of expertise:

  • You have in depth knowledge and experience in Value Chain Management/(Financial) Supply Chain Management/Circular economy.
  • You have a proven track record and network in companies and/or education.

Benefits of becoming an Inchainge partner:

  • You can create a unique selling proposition (USP) in your training/consultancy offer with our business games. Our product portfolio offers an innovative approach towards team-based experiential learning.
  • You become a part of our global network of supply chain training and consultancy firms, which opens new opportunities for your business.
  • Our 24/7 support and business ‘toolbox’.

We offer you two different partnerships:

Training partnership

As our training partner, you will market, sell and deliver training concepts with our business simulation games for in-company trainings.

PRO Challenge partnership

As our challenge partner, the trainings you organise over the course of the year will be part of the Global PRO Challenge and you will be able to send your clients' best teams to the Global PRO Final. The Global PRO Challenge and Final aim to create additional value as well as exposure and act as a "marketing tool" to create visibility, awareness, and new sales opportunities. The three winning teams of the Global PRO Final are rewarded with a value chain masterclass at the Cranfield School of Management. The masterclass is all about sustainable value chains, will combine thought leaders, best practices, a brand new business simulation game on sustainability and participants will be awarded with an exclusive certificate.

These two partnerships can be combined to create optimal synergy.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us and we can explain more about all the possibilities for collaboration.