Applied Master Class
Sustainable Business in Action

Managing sustainability trade-offs with a limited budget
by relying on the 3Ps - People, Planet & Prosperity

Greenwashing with marketing, or actually building a sustainable value chain?

With sustainability becoming a factor in day-to-day business, many companies jump on the bandwagon and try to quickly figure out how to become greener. Then some questions arise: How do I source sustainably?, How should I set the right priorities?, How can I avoid greenwashing?.

This applied master class will not only answer these questions but will also show how we used a cutting-edge business simulation game to gamify the difficult sustainability trade-offs. In that way, you can see how the triple bottom line can genuinely live up to its true intent.

Sustainable Business in Action
Track Schedule

Maximum flexibility to accomodate everyone's schedule!

This applied master class aims to go from abstract ideas to real change
and thereby generate experience on what a sustainable transition can really look like.

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Debriefs and Contextualization

Getting insights into how the decisions impacted the virtual company's balance between profitability and sustainability. This is where mistakes are uncovered and analyzed, where good decisions are laid out and where the (experiential) learning happens!

After the 4-week program, we set up a coaching session with each team to go through the learnings and discuss how we can translate them to their day-to-day activities and create real change.

Why join?

Experience a life-like sustainable business transition

Experiential learning
with a sustainability-focused
business game

Network and learn
from other participants

Insightful debriefs
and knowledge sessions

Be part of
a sustainable business

of participation

Learn more about
The Triple Connection

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Sustainability Development Goals

The Triple Connection takes into consideration 13 out 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’s) set by the United Nations. Meaning that participants also have to take into account life-like consequences of every decision that they make.

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