About the teaching case

Dive into the online business simulation game ‘The Fresh Connection’ together with your students for an immersed case study on COVID-19 and how businesses adapt to the crisis.

In ‘The Fresh Connection’, students face the challenges of a juice company that has been severely impacted by the pandemic. Accompanied by a Harvard-style Teaching Case, students are asked to describe scenarios of how the company and their supply chains may be impacted by the crisis. Based on their scenarios, students make recommendations for change.


Specifically, this case study deals with the potential impact of the pandemic on:

  • Customer portfolio, product categories & product mix and therefore, demand
  • Cost
  • Capacity utilization (taking into consideration that capacity is constrained)
  • Value propositions

What’s included in this FREE online teaching case?

  • Harvard-style teaching case on change management and COVID-19
  • Class discussion points
  • Introduction video about ‘The Fresh Connection’
  • Access for both students and teachers to the online business simulation game ‘The Fresh Connection’ (Watch Only)
  • Comprehensive teaching notes for using the game

Meet the authors

Ed Weenk, EngD

Freelance professional: Supply Chain | Consulting | Business Gaming | Training


Senior Lecturer

Maastricht School of Management

Senior associate professor

EADA Business School Barcelona

My professional passions are sustainable operations & supply chain, managers & management, projects & project management, training & teaching and business simulations & experiential learning.

My latest book, “Mastering the circular economy. A practical approach to the circular business model transformation”, was published in May 2021 by Kogan Page. Previous books are “Mastering the Supply Chain. Principles, practice and real-life applications” from 2019, available in English and Dutch and “The Perfect Pass. What the manager can learn from the football trainer”, from 2012, published in Dutch, English and Spanish.

Chuck Nemer CPIM, CLTD

World-Class Supply Chain Training & Educational Support

The Guru of Biz

Regional Representative and Trainer

VCARE Academy


Metropolitan State University


Adaptive Manufacturing Solutions

Chuck Nemer is a trainer/consultant with 40 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, Lean, Leadership, and APICS. He has a Bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of Minnesota, a Masters degree in Leadership from Augsburg College in Minneapolis Mn. He holds CPIM, CSCP,  and CLTD certification from APICS, and an on-line curriculum development certification from the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Aside from teaching at an urban based university in St. Paul Mn., Chuck is also an Education Associate for  Inchainge supporting universities in the USA who utilize The Fresh Connection, The Blue Connection, and The Cool Connection in their classroom.  He currently works with approximately 40 universities and 3000 students annually in supporting the use and play of the simulations in the classroom.