for the New Normal

Covid-19 Crisis

Case by
Ed Weenk PDEng
& Chuck Nemer CPIM, CLTD

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Preparing for the New Normal


The Coronavirus pandemic has already had a tremendous impact on global supply chains. When the crisis hit, businesses were dealt a set of urgent issues like sudden standstills in factories and having to close down offices. Weeks later, as the dust starts to settle and businesses adapt to new circumstances, two important questions remain: what will be the new normal? And what changes does the new normal bring to businesses in the long-run?

Case Description

Dive into the online business simulation game ‘The Fresh Connection’ together with your students for an immersed case study on COVID-19 and how businesses adapt to the crisis.

In ‘The Fresh Connection’, students face the challenges of a juice company that has been severely impacted by the pandemic. Accompanied by a Harvard-style Teaching Case, students are asked to describe scenarios of how the company and their supply chains may be impacted by the crisis. Based on their scenarios, students make recommendations for change. Specifically, this case study deals with the potential impact of the pandemic on:

  • Customer portfolio, product categories & product mix and therefore, demand
  • Capacity utilization (taking into consideration that capacity is constrained)
  • Cost
  • Value propositions

What’s included in this FREE online teaching case?

  • Harvard-style teaching case on change management and COVID-19
  • Access for both students and teachers to the online business simulation game ‘The Fresh Connection’ (Watch Only)
  • Class discussion points
  • Comprehensive teaching notes for using the game
  • Introduction video about ‘The Fresh Connection’
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