The Blue Connection is part of the world’s 39 most inspirational circular economy solutions

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Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, collaborates with partners from different sectors to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future. They have over the past years become a thought leading institution within the field of the circular economy. Demonstrated above all through their role as organizer of the WCEF, the World Circular Economy Forum.

For the WCEF 2020, which was held online this year, Sitra set out to answer a key question:

What are the best circular economy solutions in the world?

To inspire the world on how to go circular, Sitra compiled a list of 39 inspiring circular economy innovations from around the world!

We are proud to announce that The Blue Connection, a highly advanced Circular Business Game, has been chosen to be part of this exclusive list of 39 inspiring circular economy solutions!

While we usually see solutions covering product design and industrial engineering in the circular economy sphere, The Blue Connection brings in a completely different type of solution: a circular experience.

The solutions were split among 5 different business models: 1) Product as a service 2) Renewability 3) Sharing platforms 4) Product-life extension 5) Resource efficiency and recycling

To also include solutions which enable others to transition to a circular economy, they added the category ‘Circular economy enablers’. The Blue Connection features among those solutions.

After a first round of application, which got assessed by the international teams of Sitra and Deloitte, our team went in for interviews. Here, Egge Haak and Noah Schaul provided more details, gave some background on Inchainge, The Blue Connection, as well as the inspiration and work behind it. A few weeks before the start of WCEF 2020 we received fabulous news! We want to thank Sitra for this amazing initiative and for choosing us to be part of it.

Here is the solution card they wrote about The Blue Connection:

Business game immerses participants in a realistic experience of circular transformation

A lack of practical transitiong makes adopting circular practices difficult. Inchainge’s The Blue Connection is a browser-based educational tool that lets users, including businesses and students, experience the opportunities and challenges of the circular economy firsthand. Inchainge partners with companies and universities to distribute their cloud-based software as widely as possible, bringing practical circular economy knowledge to people around the globe.

Read the full article about The Blue Connection and discover all the other circular solutions on Sitra’s website!

Do you think that The Blue Connection Circular Strategy Game could contribute at your university or could help your company explore the circular economy’s opportunities?

Then do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy to discuss your ideas and questions: