GPC 2014

GPC 2014

The 2014 Finals of the 6th annual Global Challenge of The Fresh Connection was predetermined to be an exhilarating event. With this year´s setting being Dubai, a city known for its audacious architecture and spectacular skylines, the finalists were in for a treat.

Globally over 1300 participants representing more than 300 companies from 25 countries firstly took the Challenge head on at national level to become their nations number 1 team. After an exciting battle the top 11 teams were selected to represent their company at the Dubai final.

In the end the team from SPX (Poland) came out victorious claiming their number 1 spot with a convincing score.

Starting off with the qualifications in January to April 2014 the teams had to prove their performance was fit to enter the competition. Teams that qualified were then divided into 11 country or region pools. Winning the pool either meant direct qualification for the Global Final, or qualification for a national final that had to be won to become one of the top teams. The stakes were high because besides winning the title of Global Challenge Champion 2014 the prize for the winning team was a one week executive supply chain course at the prestigious institute MIT in Boston.

The SPX team members:

  • Sławomir Stańczak
  • Dariusz Młodzikowski
  • Piotr Gugał
  • Dariusz Maciejewski

The 1st runner up is the FrieslandCampina  team from The Netherlands and 2nd runner up is Coca-Cola team from China. The ranking can be found in the table below.

1 Poland SPX43,3%
2 Netherlands FrieslandCampina38,3%
3 China Coca-Cola32,3%
4 Germany, Austria, Switz. Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte
5 Australia Fuji Xerox
6 Russia Johnson and Johnson
7 India DuPont
8 France CGI
9 Saudi Arabia Nada Dairy Company
10 International Pool AkzoNobel (UK)
11 United Kingdom Mondelez

We would like to thank all teams for being a part of the Global Challenge 2014. Your hard work and motivation has once again made this Global Challenge an exciting and meaningful experience. We are very much looking forward to next year’s Challenge for which already some new exciting features have been prepared. More news on the 2015 Challenge will follow in the near future.

In 2015 the Global Final will take place in the cosmopolitan capital of The Fresh Connection’s home country: Amsterdam.

We hope to see you all participating to become the 2015 Global Challenge Champion!