Circularity Hands-On

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of the circular business transition

When?October 5th to 26th
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"Circular Economy isn’t for us."
"What’s in it for me?"
"We’re already recycling, isn’t that circular enough?"
Do you recognize those statements from within your company?

The three-week-long event, Circularity Hands-on, aims to clarify these questions. Through theoretical knowledge as well as experiential learning, we strive to give you an idea about what could entail in transition to a circular economy.

You will be joined by three other team members, as you dive into an engaging learning experience. You will get the chance to implement and learn from the consequences of various circular strategies in a virtual e-bike manufacturing company.

Circularity Hands-on
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Our Track Partner

The BMI Lab is a spin-off of the University of St. Gallen enabling companies to build sustainable new business using innovative business models - combining scientific excellence with practical experience.

Deep-dive session 1: Business Model Innovation for the Circular Economy

During this first deep-dive Richard Stechow, Managing Innovation Consultant & Circular Economy Lead at BMI Lab (Business Model Innovation Lab), will introduce the Sustainable Business Model Triangle and how to use it in a circular business context.

Deep-dive session 2: The 'Circular Canvas' and Circular Ecosystems

During the decision-making process in the circular business game, The Blue Connection, Circularity Hands-On's participants will go through the experience of implementing circular strategies and concepts. In the second deep-dive, BMI Lab will introduce the 'Circular Canvas', a tool that helps participants to put the concepts they come across into a structured framework. This will help to understand how an organisation creates value and how a company can deal with social and environmental impacts. BMI Lab will also provide showcases of Circular Ecosystems, the roles that companies can play within an ecosystem and how they are interralated.

Deep-dive session 3: Translating the learnings to your own business case

In this deep-dive, participants will assess which of the concepts they have encountered thus far are relevant for their own work. The relevant concepts and learnings can then be contextualised and applied to a specific business case. The objective of this exercise is to build the bridge to the participants' day-to-day work and to know how to recognise previously made experiences (e.g. avoiding to make mistakes again that were made in the business game).

Deep-dive session 4: Validating & testing circular business models to start your circular transformation journey

Despite the experience in the business game, the deep-dives and the contextualisation, participants will find themselves in front of a big challenge. In this deep-dive, BMI Lab will paint the transformation journey, by talking about the different ways to test and validate circular business models as well as testing and validating entire circular ecosystems. Their business model innovation experts will talk about what is needed to get started, the prerequisites for success and the challenges that are ahead.

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