Webinar – The Key Drivers and Challenges of a Circular Transformation

Friday, September 24th 2021

16:00-17:00, CEST (UTC +2)

Wherever you are...Online!

In this webinar, we will be presenting the results of The Circular Transformation Survey. This survey was created to catalyze circular solutions to support change makers to overcome their key challenges and to drive the transformation forward in a successful way.

The results of this survey will also form the foundation of a circular transformation program for companies that Inchainge is organizing in 2021: Circularity Hands-On. The aim of this open program is to move from talking to acting. You can join with a team as well by signing up here!

What do companies struggle with? Where does the greatest potential lie for them when it comes to the circular transformation?

Join this webinar where we reveal the results of The Circular Transformation Survey. You’ll be able to join the discussion, gain inspiration and exclusive insights on trends, including:

  • What are the biggest objectives and challenges when it comes to change-makers and their company’s transition to a more circular business model?
  • Are there any differences among industries, involvement, or stage of transition?
  • How can we develop highly applied and impactful circular learning programs for companies?

Our expert event moderators include Inchainge Partner, Egge Haak, and Business Development Manager, Noah Schaul, who will discuss the survey’s findings and their implications for the industry.

This webinar will be part of the World Circular Economy Forum 2021!


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