Open Program: Transitioning from linear to circular with The Blue Connection

Day 1: Friday, September 2nd 2022

Day 2: Friday, September 23rd 2022

09:00 - 10:00, GMT+2 (Amsterdam time)

Wherever you are... Online!

Interactive Online Learning Experience

One of the key questions in going circular is: Does circularity make business sense – yes or no? We could debate this question forever, but instead, we invite you to go into action and come experience the opportunities and challenges of a circular transition first-hand.

This 3 week-long program with The Blue Connection aims to go from abstract ideas to real change and thereby substantially increase the speed of the circular transition.

As a reminder, The Blue Connection is a cross-functional business strategy simulation focused on Circular Value Chain management. The simulation game challenges you and your three other team members to transform a linear supply chain into a circular value chain while increasing the Return on Material of a (virtual) manufacturing company of e-bikes.

The learning materials for before and during the program:
– Case study
– Circular Economy info package and more…


The online program includes the following elements:

1. Circular strategy business game

During 5 rounds of cross-functional decision-making in the online circular business game The Blue Connection, teams must transition an e-bike manufacturer from a linear take-make-dispose to a circular strategy. Teams do so in their own time and pace over the course of the week, to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Each round introduces new elements to consider: product design | sales contracts with retailers | choosing the right value chain partner | measuring circularity | revenue models | financing schemes with the bank | & more.

2. Debriefs

Getting insights into how the decisions impacted the (circular) performance of the company. This is where mistakes are uncovered and analyzed, where good decisions are laid out and where the (experiential) learning happens!

3. Pricing

• Participate as an individual for $350

Discounts available to WILAT members and ACE Hub members only:

a) $1050 per team of 4 people (25% discount)

b) Register 3 teams for the price of 2 at $2800, which cannot be combined with promotion a)

c) The three best teams can participate in our open program ‘Sustainability Hands-On’ in April 2023.

4. Awards

Participants of The Blue Connection will receive a Certificate of Participation and an accredited certificate from CILT International



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