Nordic Circular Summit 2021

Day 1: Tuesday, November 23rd 2021

Day 2: Friday, November 26th 2021

12:15 - 14:15, CET

Wherever you are...Online!

The Nordic Circular Summit is a four-day digital summit exploring the circular economy in the Nordic region, hosted this year in the city of Copenhagen.  It is co-hosted and produced by Nordic Circular Hotspot and Nordic Innovation, and is an official World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) Side Event. This year’s edition will touch on different topics like circular cities, ocean solutions, fashion and home furnishings, business and finance, food, energy, manufacturing, and much more.


As one of the Nordic Circular Hotspot partners, Inchainge will organize an interactive deep dive into circular food & beverage value chains, using our business game, The Fresh Connection. Join us on Tuesday November 23rd from 12.15 pm until 14.15 pm CET!


Do you want to experience the linear food & beverage value chain and join the discussion on how it can become more circular?  The session will use our business game, The Fresh Connection as an interactive showcase, engaging participants in the management of a fruit juices manufacturer. The starting point is a linear one and after some interactive activities to better understand the linear supply chain, participants will have to bring in ideas on how to make the food and beverage sector more circular.


The program:

@Noah Schaul, Business Development Manager at Inchainge, will guide participants during the session in order for them to understand the linear supply chain better. Through a virtual company, participants will be guided through some decisions the company will need to take to optimize its supply chain.
The main exercise of the group will then be to discuss ways how the currently prominent linear food supply chains could be structured in a less wasteful and more circular way.
The workshop will be closed with a brief introduction of the circular business game, The Blue Connection which challenges learners to transition from a linear bike manufacturer to a circular business model by taking strategic decisions.


 Attendance is free of charge and open to all. Learn more at nordiccircularsummit.com.

Looking forward to meeting you at Nordic Circular Summit 2021 on November 23rd!




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