Masterclass on the Integrated Learning Approach

Saturday, March 27th 2021

09:30 - 11:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time (ET, USA)

Wherever you are... Online!

This masterclass will be hosted by Corine van der Sloot, Director of International Sales at Inchainge.

What do I get out of this 1.5 hour webinar?

  • Discover the power and importance of experiential learning
  • Experience how to implement a business game as an ‘add-in’ to your course.
  • Gain insights on how to maximize student engagement with our integrated learning approach
  • Learn how you can get started with our integrated learning approach
  • Discover our business games, textbooks, and supporting teaching materials

Building on the foundations of Kolb’s learning cycle of experiential learning and related learning styles, the Integrated Learning Approach seeks to provide a complete and coherent, yet practical framework to support the learner’s journey. It aims at directly linking theoretical knowledge to development of skills through active participation in learning.

During this Masterclass, participants will learn about the added value of having materials for each step of a student’s learning cycle. Based on best practices, you will learn how to integrate theory, a business simulation, teaching cases and other supporting teaching materials in a course.

The purpose of using a business simulation is twofold: it provides the basis for the essential step of obtaining experience as part of the learning cycle and at the same time the gamification element provokes higher degrees of learner engagement. With this approach, you will reach the highest learning effect for students by motivating and activating them at the same time!

About Inchainge
Inchainge’s game-based learning simulations are in use all around the globe, across more than 700 universities, and by many of the world’s most successful companies. Our immersive business games – The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection, and The Blue Connection – present an innovative approach to learning that puts participants at the heart of a lifelike simulation.

For more information and to register, please visit NEDSI 2021 conference website.