Informational webinar – Global Educator Challenge 2021 – Fall Edition

Friday, September 3rd 2021

14:00 -15:00, CEST (UTC+2)

Wherever you are...Online!

Join this informational webinar to learn all about the Global Educator Challenge – Open Team Edition! Participants will learn how they can sign up, what experience they need, about the time plan, time consumption per week, and Q&A.


About The Global Educator Challenge – Fall Edition

This Challenge will take place in parallel with the Global PRO Challenge Fall edition, September 13th – October 22nd. This time it will be an Open Team Edition! Meaning that you can now create your own team! This will be contrary to the Spring edition which was only open to The Fresh Connection Certified Educators and we would assign the teams.


Conditions for creating your own team:

  • The team has to consist of a maximum of 5 participants (Minimum 4) 
  • At least one and a maximum of two of the members must be a certified educator. Certified educators can thus invite peers without experience. These can be from their own university, or from other universties as well.
  • Only the team captain has to register and we will contact you for the contact details of your team members after registration.


About the Challenge 

Compete against other educators from all around the world in the Global Educator Challenge. The Challenge starts on September 13th. During 6 weeks, you will play 3 rounds of the Ultimate Value Chain Experience, The Fresh Connection in teams of four (maximum five).


This global educator challenge is a great way for you to:

  • Discover the functionalities of The Fresh Connection but also learn from other educators from around the world.
  • Introduce The Fresh Connection to your peers without experience
  • Network and meet new colleagues/peers internationally

Each team participant will take one of the management roles: supply chain, operations, sales, or purchasing. The challenge is to make the best strategic and tactical choices to save the virtual manufacturing company, The Fresh Connection, from financial ruin together with your team.


Program of the Challenge: 

  • Optional: Informational webinar on the 3rd of September at 2 pm CEST (UTC+2)
  • The Global Educator Challenge starts on the 13th of September at noon.
  • Your team will be playing 3 rounds in total and you have two weeks time to make the decisions for each round.
  • The last round closes on the 22nd of October.
  • The award ceremony date will be on 29th of October

Risk Management in Global Supply Chains

This year’s edition of the Global Educator Challenge is all about Risk Management in Global Supply Chains

The Coronavirus outbreak has severely challenged global supply chains. As local disruptions take place, from manufacturing to distribution, entire supply chains are affected. The scale of these disruptions is tremendous, with 75% of all U.S. businesses experiencing supply chain issues, according to Fortune’s latest estimates. How can these disruptions be avoided in future crises, and how do we respond to acute problems within the value chain?

Dive into the fascinating topic of Risk Management in ‘The Fresh Connection’!


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