Empowering Futures & Launching Careers: A Q&A with Global Finalist Alumni

Friday, May 5th 2023

15:00 - 16:00 CEST (UTC+2), 09:00 - 10:00 EDT (UTC-4)


Join this 1-hour session to hear all about the exciting journeys and experiences of four global finalist alumni. Discover how game-based learning impacted their professional careers. 

In this session, you can expect to:

  • Gain insights from the first-hand experience of 4 former global student challenge finalists.
  • Discover the benefits game-based learning brings to the professional lives of students.
  • Hear valuable advice from other students on a career in the supply chain field.

You’ll also be able to ask them questions during the session!

About The Global Student Challenge

The Global Student Challenge is the #1 international student competition. It doesn’t only provide students with soft and hard skills for the real world, but also allows them to expand their network and get the ultimate learning experience that might open new doors for them and their future.

This session is brought to you as a part of the Global Final 2023 – the final phase of the Global Student Challenge. During the Global Final week, student teams from universities from all over the world compete with The Fresh Connection for the championship title and cash prizes.

Meet the Q&A participants

Enrico Kaschak

Enrico is a Process Improvement Manager at ParkDepot, a Munich-based company that is the 4th fastest-growing start-up in Germany. At the same time, he is finishing his Bachelor in Management & Technology at the Technical University of Munich (Straubing Campus). With his from TUM, he won the 2021 Global Student Challenge final.

Huy Tran

Huy has been working in supply chain-related roles with a focus on data and process innovation from procurement to logistics. He has a passion for learning and loves talking about supply chains. Outside of the professional world, Huy likes to go on hikes, paddle boarding, and camping when he has free time.

Abder Rhounimi

Abder is a supply chain consultant. He is currently working as a consultant for Manhattan Associates, a world-leading OMS, WMS, and TMS company. Formerly, he worked as a consultant for Futurmaster, a vendor of supply chain software solutions enabling customers to improve their supply chain performance. He’s also interested in sustainability.

Hostess – Anelka Manukian

Anelka is a former participant in the Global Finals 2018 and 2021. Now she is an education advisor for USA and Canada at Inchainge.


Sneak peak into their experiences:

Enrico Kashhak on his team’s Global Final winning story: 

“I was asked the other day at what moment I was the happiest I’ve been in recent years, and I answered: when it was announced that my team had won the GSC. That sounds exaggerated and like something I would have made up just for this story, but it’s actually true. The video of the moment, showing us jumping up screaming, and hugging each other, can prove that.

Our team formed naturally, as we were already good friends beforehand. After performing quite well in the course, we were invited to the qualifying round for the finals. We gathered in one of our apartments every day from then on to complete the day’s challenge as best we could – and then to drink a few more beers in the evening. But the beers were postponed further and further into the night after we were leading the tableau from the second round on and our ambition was really awakened. Discussions about the best strategy often started before we had breakfast together and we spent most of the day validating our strategy with calculations of some sort. 

 That week bonded us together and I wouldn’t be surprised if it strengthened our friendships for life. And we knew that we could only do this as a team, which is why we immediately embraced each other and why this moment felt so special to us.” 

Huy Tran on what makes Global Student Challenge Special: 

“Global Student Challenge was special for me because the simulation validated theories we learned in class and had a chance to give it a try without actually risking a business. More importantly, it was an opportunity for me to travel the world and meet new students of different supply chain backgrounds. I was able to make life-long relationships around the world thanks to the Global Student Challenge.”

Abder on growing as a professional with the Global Final: 

“I can say that I was lucky to be Finalist in the GSC 2018. This was an enriching experience on both personal and professional levels. The experience helped me grow my professional network by making long-lasting connections. Also, I developed my business acumen by understanding the complexities and interdependencies of a supply chain, especially in times of crisis such as COVID-19.”


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